Crazy Lovebirds: Five Super-Short Stories

17904760Crazy Lovebirds: Five Super-Short Stories by Carla Sarett is a short but sweet read that will make you laugh and not take up much of your time. These five flash fiction stories cover love, dating, marriage and family, in a not so serious way. The first story in this collection is called: For Better Or Worse.  It’s about a middle ages married couple who decide to make some changes to themselves. This story has a science fiction twist to it with the couple able to change what they don’t like about each other. Despite how short this story is, it’s funny and makes a good point about how a happily married couple will stay together through all kinds of changes.

The next story is A Dose Of Eternal which is a good little tale about a love potion and a blind date. In this story I liked how the main character brings up a couple that divorced after 60 years of marriage. So she has to buy an eternal love potion because love shouldn’t end at 60 years.  The ending of this story was great.

Crazy Lovebirds is the third story in the book and shows how love isn’t always perfect, but you can make things go your way.  The fourth story is Victor’s Proposal which looks at a vary detailed marriage proposal between a couple at dinner that doesn’t go over well, but love still finds a way. The last story is Dad Takes Flight which takes a look at a different kind of love and how it can effect a relationship.

Crazy Lovebirds Five Super-Short Stories is an excellent read if you’re a romance fan with not a lot of time on your hands. Carla Sarett does a great job of building a story, making you laugh and making a good point in a short amount of words. This book is the perfect read if you have an hour to spare and its a lot of fun. It’s also a good example of how good flash fiction can be.


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