Good Enough To Share

16240816A lot can happen as four friends get together to celebrate Christmas. In Zara Stoneley’s Good Enough To Share things happen that no one could have predicted. Holly is recently divorced and has moved to Cheshire England to temporarily share a flat with her old friend Charlie.

Holly is not looking for a relationship but her friend Sophie has other plans and introduces her to a man named Dane who is just looking for a good time. Holly quickly realizes that she has feelings for laid back Charlie and Dane makes her feel like she has never felt before. All four characters have issues in their past that they are trying to work through, The question is will all four still be friends by New Year’s Day.

I haven’t read a lot of Erotic fiction so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started to read Good Enough To Share. What I got was a book with a good story that held my interest and some really steamy sex scenes. The best part though was the four main characters, they all have an interesting back story and are complex in their own way.

As far as erotic fiction goes the story was believable and each character was like someone you would meet in everyday life.  The sex scenes were also very well written and not so over the top that they were ridiculous. Being new to this genre of books, I’ve never heard sex scenes described this way and I really enjoyed it. There was a scene that was outdoors that was very good and a couple of scenes that had more than one person that was  really hot and bordering on kinky.

If you like to read books with good sex scenes and character driven stories then Good Enough To Share is one you should check out.  A sequel has just been released called Good Enough to Trust that focuses on Sophie that looks really good also. I’m really curious to see what Zara Stoneley will come up with in the sequel.


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