Brett Always Wins

13568397Make no mistake about it, Brett Cornell is one unscrupulous bastard. If you ask him he will tell you he has a perfect mustache,  Sexy blonde curly hair and his chest and abs are what women dream about. In addition to being god’s gift to women he also works as a private detective in Rhode Island in the late 1980’s. Business has been slow lately but they are about to pick up as Brett’s latest conquest calls wanting to know if Brett got the package she sent and states that someone is about to kill her.

Brett doesn’t take the call to seriously but when two goons meet him at his car, he ends up having to get involved in a murder mystery that only he can solve. This is only a small part of what happen’s in David D’ Aguanno’s Brett Always Wins. This is the third book in the Brett Cornell Mystery series but it is a self-contained story and you don’t have to read the first three to enjoy it.

Brett Always Wins is told in the first person from Brett’s point of view and is a fun read that moves along quickly. Brett is the kind of guy that you love to hate, he has a huge ego and things always seem to go his way. He has a girlfriend plus a few others on the side, he’s also a tough guy that doesn’t like it when you tell him what to do. This is a very entertaining book that will have you laughing and rooting for Brett even though he is a jerk.

There is a lot going on here, you have a jealous wife who has been drugged and wants to keep her husband away from other blond blue-eyed women, you have two hitmen who get more than they bargained for, a husband who wants to make the perfect son and 4 women who can’t keep their hands off of Brett. What really makes this story stand out though is hearing what Brett thinks of everything. Brett  thinks he is the smartest detective there is and he proves it by saying “frankly Scarlett I don’t give a Damn, like Clark Kent in that old movie or asking if his girlfriend wants to go out to dinner and when she says yes tells her not to forget her credit card, I have a date with someone else. Brett does stuff like this throughout the book. I also liked how he went into a suspect’s home,stole his cigars and spit wherever he liked. He may be unscrupulous but its hard not to find him entertaining.

To hear Brett talk you may think he is not that smart but then he shows his intelligence by how he manipulates a hitman to turn on his boss and he makes a lot of money from his clients without really doing anything. I loved when Brett tells his girlfriend the real reason she can’t stay away from him and I also like when he looks at the mirror and notices how he seems to get even better looking with age while other people his age are getting uglier. There are probably lots of guys who think like Brett and it was fun getting inside his head. If you would like a good detective novel that is funny and a little different then your normal mystery, check this one out.


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