Anime Girl

animegirlcoverfinal-copyAbby Tanaka has it all. she is the creator of the  manga series, Shuttle 5 and has a legion of fans. Abby has been an overnight success going from an out of work college student drawing in a notebook to having five books on the shelves with more to come. Not everything is perfect though, Abby needs help handling the business side of being an artist and author and doesn’t know where to turn.  

Enter Chase Everett, a talent manager with Malloy Inc. Chase calls and offers to make Abby’s dreams come true by taking over the business side of things. Chase is just a voice over the phone and he doesn’t date clients, but Abby starts to have feelings for him. She doesn’t know what he looks like or if he’s interested in her, but she is about to find out when they meet at an anime convention. Abby’s talent is to create true love out of pen and ink,  but can she do the same in her own life?

Anime Girl by Emmy Z. Madrigal is a stand alone novelette in her Sweet Dreams novel series. This book takes a look at two characters from different walks of life and finds out if they can come together. Abby is most comfortable drawing in a notebook and meeting fans at conventions. while Chase is all business. This is a fun read with likable characters and a  good sense of humor to it.

I enjoyed when Abby and Chase have dinner and Abby tries to make a good impression. I also liked how the author works anime references into the story. Such as when Abby will not sign the Deathnote notebook because she will die. It was references like this that really makes this book stand out. Another good part was hearing about Abby’s writing career and everything at the anime convention. Abby is right in her element at the convention while Chase is a fish out of water, so I was really curious to see if they would come together.

The dialogue in Anime girl was excellent and it had some great lines in it such as: ” She wanted to say, Yes. You, a vat of whipped cream and a couple of hours in a hot tub.”  Another line I liked was: “Chase’s voice soothed her. It reminded her of thick caramel syrup drizzled on a hot sticky brownie.” This is a short and sweet love story that takes people from different walks of life and makes a connection. If you like romances that are a little different you should like this one.


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