The Works of Phil Gerbyshak

2023140Recently I had the opportunity to meet Milwaukee area author and social media expert, Phil Gerbyshak. Phil founded Milwaukee social Media and is also a public speaker. He helps people and businesses improve their customer service, grow their business through social media and helps people improve their lives. Another thing that Phil does is a video podcast called The Shut Up Show with Berni Xiong.

The Shut Up Show is about what it means to “shut up” and listen when you’re a lone entrepreneur or small business owner. Each episode takes a look at someone who said shut up to their negative thoughts and the people who told them they couldn’t do something and instead made their dreams happen. This show looks at people from all walks of life and finds out what makes them tick.

Since I look at this primarily as a book blog I wanted to make sure I talked about the books Phil has worked on. Phil’s first book was released in 2006 and called 10 Ways To Make It Great. This book talks about taking your good life and making it great. the only thing you can control in life is your attitude, by being more positive you can make your life better. In 10 chapters Phil gives you 10 ways  to make your life better.

Phil also has three other books available that will help your business grow. In 2010 he co-authored the book #TwitterWorks which gets into how Twitter can can work for your business. His other books include Service Desk Manager’s Crash Course and Help Desk Manager’s Crash Course. To find out more about Phil check out his website at:


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