Life Is A Balance: It Isn’t Only About You

15802929Life Is A Balance: It Isn’t Only About You by Phillip Nork continues the story that began in Misguided Sensitivity. In this book we see Phil in his late teens in 1979. He feels like he needs a new start and a friend suggests that he go reconnect with his father. Phil is trying to abstain from sex after the lessons he learned in Misguided Sensitivity but that becomes hard as he meets some girls on his way to Florida. Along for the trip is Phil’s brother and they eventually arrive on the doorstep of their father. 

In Florida they receive a warm welcome, Phil gets involved in a party lifestyle and gets into drugs, alcohol and meeting more girls. In this book you see Phil go through a lot of ups and downs. He deals with people who are not who he thought they were, the death of someone close to him, he also marries and has a son. Much like the first book you see a very different Phil at the end of the book then at the beginning and it was fascinating watching him go through these changes.

I felt like Life Is A Balance was a better book than Misguided Sensitivity. This one shows an older and wiser Phil but it shows him as a person who is still making mistakes and has a lot to learn. I liked the part where his ex-girlfriend shows up at his workplace saying she was pregnant. I also liked when Phil meets his dad for the first time in several years. Life Is A Balance is a good coming of age novel that young adults will get a lot out of. Phil takes on several personalities in this book such as Disco Phil, A sensitive ladies man and an insecure person who feels empty. This book is a look at Phil’s journey to self discovery. It’s an interesting read that gets deep into one man’s meaning of life.


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