The Mostly True Story of Rich & Roulo

Rich & Roulo

The true mostly true story of Rich & Roulo.

Who the heck are Rich and Roulo?

heatherHeather Roulo is a Pacific Northwest author who writes science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. Her short stories have appeared in a dozen magazines, anthologies, and podcasts, including Nature and Lightspeed. Later this year, Permuted Press will be releasing her Plague Masters trilogy.

Heather’s favorite authors include Orson Scott Card, Larry Niven, C.S. Friedman, Robin Hobb, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and… well, too many to cover. She received her B.A. in English Literature. Check out Goodreads to see more.

In her non-writing time, Heather hikes, reads, watches far too many movies, and plays card and board games. Yes, she has beaten Pandemic. She recently learned to love gardening, and obsesses over new technology.

For more information, you can visit her blog at or make a connection over twitter @hroulo.

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Star Struck

starstruckVictoria hasn’t seen her boyfriend Rob in three days and it seems like forever.Victoria and Rob met recently and fell in love and its hard to stay apart. Victoria is a singer and Rob is helping her become a star. Rob lives in San Francisco while Victoria lives out-of-town and is still in high school. The weekend is coming though and the two are planning a double date with Victoria’s friend Cynthia and a friend of Rob’s.

Cynthia isn’t expecting much from her trip to San Francisco but she is about to get a big surprise when she finds out that Rob’s friend wasn’t available and now Cynthia will be going on a date with Derek Montgomery. Derek is one of the singers in her favorite boy band. Cynthia can hardly believe it and the two of them quickly build a relationship.

Things aren’t easy for the couple though, Derek just broke up with his girlfriend, he isn’t over her and Cynthia is having problems getting along with her mother. True love isn’t always easy but Cynthia is determined to get Derek to stop thinking of his old girlfriend. They already have become friends but can they become more than that? Find out if true love conquers all in Star Struck by Emmy Z. Madrigal.

While I’m not the intended audience for this book I got it through a friend and thought it was an entertaining read. I liked the characters quite a bit. Cynthia is a character that is easy to relate to, she has issues with her mother and is a good friend to Victoria. I found myself rooting for her to have a relationship with Derek. I liked the character of Derek a lot also. He is not like you would expect a boy band singer to be, which is what makes him seem interesting. The point where he breaks up with his girlfriend who he was planning to marry is the best part of the book.

I also liked the supporting characters in this book. All of the characters added a lot of depth to the story and I hope to see more of them in future installments.  It’s a small part of Star Struck but I found myself hoping to see Greg get his music career going. Another thing I liked about this book was the song lyrics that Rob writes that he wants Victoria to sing. While you could argue that the story in Star Struck may not be for everyone, each character is so well described that you want to keep reading to find out what will happen to them.

Star Struck is a book that teenage girls will really enjoy. There is a couple of good romances here and every character in it is excellent. There are also things here that make it different than most romance novels such as the playlist the author listened to as she wrote the book and layouts of what Rob’s apartment looks like along with other sketches. Star Struck is well worth your time and a book that all audiences can enjoy.


Dances With Demons

LoriHandeland_DanceswithDemons800Life hasn’t been easy for Megan Murphy lately. Not only did her husband die leaving her with three kids to raise by herself. Megan is still not over her husband’s death. She owns a bar named after him and she has a bumbling bartender named Quinn who is more than he appears. Left to deal with the memories of her husband and her mother in law’s statement that it’s time to move on, Megan’s problems get worse. A demon pays Megan’s bar a visit and with the help of Quinn she narrowly escapes with her life.

Meagan knows that there are creatures out there that mean her harm, what she doesn’t know is that Quinn has been sent to protect her and he’s not human. Quinn takes her to the one place where he thinks he can keep her safe, Ireland. It won’t be easy keeping Megan safe from demons, dragons, gremlins and shape shifters and to top it all off, the whole world may be coming to an end.

Dances With Demons by Lori Handeland is a stand alone novella in the Phoenix Chronicles series. The series has five books that center around psychic detective/demon-slayer Liz Phoenix and her battle to stop Armageddon, one demon at a time. I enjoyed how this book touches on the mythology of several different creatures, has a decent love story and has a picture perfect setting when the story moves to Ireland. I loved the way the cottage that they stay in is described along with the lake and the red-painted doors on the homes that keep evil away.

The biggest part of this story though is the relationship between Quinn and Megan, I liked how the relationship built slowly, Quinn acts clumsy because he wants to appear human and it makes Megan think lowly of him but he will do anything for her. I loved the scene when Quinn realizes that Megan is battling a demon, he wonders why she didn’t call for his help and then realizes that it was because she thinks of him as incompetent. They eventually grow closer together and there is a steamy love scene in the cottage. I also liked the decision Quinn makes when he believes that Megan will never get over her husband.

My favorite part of the novella is the dialogue between Megan and a man named Ben Skrewed. I liked how the two go back and forth about Ben’s name, musicals and the evil spirits of Ireland. I also liked how Ben avoids talking about a mysterious box that is in the back of his car. Ben may not be a main character but he was an entertaining part of the story. There was also some good dialogue between Megan and Quinn on what Quinn actually is.

Dances With Demons is a short read with some great moments. The only bad part about the book was that some of the action scenes felt rushed. The main focus here was the love story, the mythology that is brought up and the setting. Ireland really came to life in this novella and it could be described as a character itself.  If your new to The Phoenix Chronicles this book would serve as a good introduction and will whet your appetite for more.

Cheap Reads

Hey Horror Addicts, for the last couple of seasons of the horror addicts podcast I had a regular blog post/segment called Free Fiction Friday, where we gave away a paperback book. For this season I’m switching things up a little and instead of giving away a book I’m going to promote some cheap horror books that you can find on Amazon for less than $5.oo. For my first post I’m going to look at books that are available from the Horror Addicts staff. If you still want a free paperback book or to promote a book you wrote, shoot me an email at and We will hook you up.

21719117From our hostess Emerian Rich we have Night’s Knights. Vampires on a quest for knowledge attempt to create the perfect offspring, but from the shadows an even more demonic evil threatens their immortality. Markham is a simple Irish immigrant striving…

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