Anime Girl 2

ag2finalAbby Tanaka is a talented artist with a best-selling manga series and legions of fans waiting for her next project. Abby is confident in some areas but she still feels insecure about her new boyfriend and her talent manager, Chase. Abby is heading into San Francisco for an anime con and to have a romantic weekend with Chase. Things don’t go according to plan for Abby as competition comes her way.

Tosh James is Chase’s newest client. She is an actress in a Scifi movie and the fantasy of every man at the anime con. Worst of all, Tosh has her eyes set on Chase and Abby is not sure she can compete with the drop dead gorgeous Tosh. Can true love win out or will Tosh end up with Chase? Find out in Anime Girl 2 by Emmy Z. Madrigal.

One thing I have to say that I liked about this novella was how Abby’s manga drawings show her mood. When she is worried about Tosh being with Chase too much her drawings get sadder but when Abby is getting attention in a drawing class, her art seems to express her happiness. You get the impression that Abby’s drawings are an extension of her personality and you know how she feels and thinks through her art.

Another thing I liked in this book was how Abby and Tosh are presented. At the convention it looks like Tosh is getting all of the attention but in reality she only gets a certain type of attention. All of her fans are only interested in her because of her body and she has nothing else to offer. Even though she doesn’t think it, Abby is more of the full package. She is cute, nice, funny and has a talent that people appreciate.

There is one good scene where Abby sees a large group of people around Tosh and she feels jealous. Shortly afterwords a young artist approaches Abby and asks her to come to his art class because they are all such big fans of her work. Tosh gets more attention but Abby gets better attention. People like her for her talent and not her looks even though she has that also. I also enjoyed the love scenes in this story because they managed to be hot without being overly explicit.

Anime Girl 2 is a sweet and simple romance with quirky characters.I enjoyed how it was set in an anime convention since I don’t think there are a lot of love stories out there set in a fan convention. I also liked how the author sprinkles anime and manga references throughout the story making this more than just a story about two girls competing for a guy.  There were even some  references to EmmyZ. Madrigal’s other Sweet Dreams romance novels which I thought was a nice touch. If you love a quick romance and believe that love can conquer all then this novella is for you.


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