The topic of episode 60 of  Horror Addicts is the 1800’s and the featured author is  Steve Merrifield. Usually, for the show what I would do is look up books that have to with whatever topic the show is about. In order to change things up a little, Emerian had the idea of me reviewing the book Ivory by Steve Merrifield.

Ivory tells the tale of an artist and art teacher named Martin Roberts. Martin is having a midlife crisis, he doesn’t feel satisfied with his family and doesn’t feel inspired to paint anymore. Then one rainy night his life changes when he accidentally hits a teenage girl with his car. Even though the girl should have died in the horrific crash, she survives. She is no ordinary teenager, her skin and hair are pure white, her eyes are black as coal and she is mute. Martin sits with the girl until the paramedics…

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