True Love?

tlsmallThings are going great for Victoria. She has an awesome new boyfriend named Rob, The newspaper just ran a story about her singing career and thanks to Rob she is about to have her first recording session. In a short period of time her life has turned into a beautiful dream, but the past has a way of coming back to haunt us. Victoria is having nightmares of Rob sleeping with another woman. Rob hasn’t given her any reason for her to believe he’s cheating but Victoria had been raped in the past by her old boyfriend Steve and now finds it hard to trust another man. She is doing her best to deal with it, but she can never forget.

Victoria’s best friend Cynthia also has a new love interest named Derek and he happens to be a singer in one of the biggest boy bands in the country. Cynthia is not sure if she believes Derek is over his old girlfriend but Derek is falling for Cynthia and plans on winning her over during a romantic weekend in Los Angeles. Victoria and Rob also have a fun weekend planned, one that they will never forget. While Derek and Cynthia get to know each other better, Victoria is meeting  a couple of Rob’s friends. Victoria gets the shock of her life when she realizes that one of Rob’s friends is Steve and all the pain from her past is back to ruin her new relationship. Steve starts making veiled threats towards Victoria not to tell Rob and Victoria wonders if Rob will believe her story of rape at the hands of Steve. What will Steve do to Rob ? Can their relationship survive? True Love? by Emmy Z. Madrigal is the third book in her Sweet Dreams Musical Romance series and is the best of the series so far.

True Love? reads like a teenage girl’s fantasy but with much more depth. I love how each character has something painful in their past but they don’t let it stop them from finding love and following their dreams. Cynthia doesn’t get along with her mother, Derek has had a bad relationship and trouble dealing with success and Victoria was raped and is left to deal with the scars. All of them have issues but Victoria is still working on her singing, Derek still tries to find happiness  and Cynthia is an athlete and good at school. None of them give up on life or love because they had a rough past. Even the supporting characters have good storylines and interesting problems to deal with, such as Raul not being able to express his feelings and having a bad temper and Greg trying to get his band more attention despite the odds being against him. The theme of this book seems to be to never give up hope and love will find a way.

What makes this book a little better than the previous two Sweet Dreams books is that there is more conflict in this one. Steve made a great villain and the scariest thing about him was that most people probably know someone just like him. I also liked watching Victoria deal with her past demons and seeing Rob in a situation where he was powerless to help Victoria. True Love? is a beautifully written  romance with unforgettable characters and steamy love scenes.


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