Whispers From The Grave

515782Chris Olson only wanted to visit her old college room-mate but what she got was a whirlwind romance, proof that the paranormal is real and a mystery to solve. When Chris arrives at The Virginia Plantation called Poplar Ridge she  has dreams of a confederate soldier who looks like her lover Geoff Cameron and a one-eyed scout. Poplar Ridge is a place with a long history and the past never died. Through the eyes of the long dead Margaret and some research of the Cameron family archives, Chris unlocks the secrets to Poplar Ridge’s tragic history.

When I first started this book  I thought the romance part of it went way to quick and I didn’t like the main character of Chris. It’s stated that Chris is a lawyer but in the beginning I thought she came across as an emotional flake and I kept thinking to myself that lawyers wouldn’t be like this. As I kept reading though the character of Chris grew on me and I liked how the civil war story with Margaret unfolded.

I loved Margaret’s story and the description of how the civil war effected the Cameron family and Poplar Ridge. The story unfolds in pieces as the present day story is told which adds to the mystery of the book. Kim Murphy has written another non fiction book on the civil war called I Had Rather Died: Rape In The Civil WarKim’s knowledge about the Civil War really brought Margaret’s story to life. Women during  the war did suffer what Margaret endured and even though this book is fiction there is a lot of realism to Margaret’s story.

While you feel a lot of empathy for Margaret in the book you also have to feel bad for her husband George. Both characters had their lives ripped apart by war. Even though Margaret was not a solider she suffers more than George and what she has to go through changes George’s life  as much as hers. Another aspect of this book that I liked was how events that happened over 140 years ago still effect a family. Geoff still talks badly of Northerners, the grounds of the plantation are unchanged from Civil War times with some of the artifacts still in their place and the ghosts of the past never went away. When a tragic event happens in a family it affects future generations and the past doesn’t always stay where it belongs.

History aside there are two great love stories in Whispers From The Grave. What makes the loves stories interesting is they are not perfect. George and Margaret have a love story that is deeply effected by tragedy they have no control of, despite this they still love each other. The other love story was between Geoff and Chris, what I liked about it was that I wasn’t sure how it would go. Geoff’s ex-wife Beth is still in the picture and the couple still have feelings for each other. Also Geoff has epilepsy and Chris has a career in Boston. As much as I liked the history I also loved that I couldn’t guess if the love story would work out until the end. Whispers From The Grave is a great book whether you are into romances or if you just like well researched books set during the Civil War.



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