Whispers Through Time

3295821The Civil War damaged many families, among them was the Cameron family who lived at Poplar Ridge.  During the war against the states the Poplar Ridge Plantation was taken over by the Union army. George Cameron was a solider in the South and was away at war while his wife Margaret was forced to do unspeakable things for the Northerners who used Poplar Ridge as their base. Some wounds never heal and Margaret’s pain is still influencing life in the present day.

In the present at Poplar Ridge, seven-year old Sarah sees her father Geoff Cameron murdered. After Geoff’s death, Sarah claims that her father still visits her and has been reading Black Beauty to her. Her mother Chris struggles to find out if Sarah is really talking to her father by taking a trip back in time. In the past lies the answer to  why Geoff was murdered and the truth behind the tragic death of George Cameron. The Cameron’s tragic past is all tied to Margaret and Chris is the only one that can stop George and Geoff’s deaths and fix what went wrong. Whispers Through Time by Kim Murphy is the sequel to Whispers From The Grave. This book falls into the historical romance category but also includes elements of the paranormal and time travel.

My favorite part of this book was seeing how women’s roles had changed in the last 140 years. When Chris gets trapped back in the year 1867 she mourns that she can’t work as a lawyer anymore, because women didn’t have careers back then. Also at one point Chris brings up the idea of women voting and gets laughed at. In my favorite part of the book She meets her grown up daughter in the future and her daughter mentions that she is happy she didn’t live in the 1860’s. This makes Chris sad because she had to live the life of a woman in that period when she would have liked the opportunity to have a career. I liked how this book looks at how hard women had it in the past and I loved the concept of a woman in the present having to deal with life in the 1860’s.

My only problem with Whispers Through Time was when the book gets into the romantic relationship between Geoff and Chris. I felt it took away from the mystery of what happened to The Cameron family and how Chris deals with life in the past. I didn’t mind the romantic relationship but there was already so much going on I felt it took away from everything else.

That being said I really enjoyed this book, it is well written, the parts that took place in the 1860’s were well researched and where I didn’t like Chris much in the first book, I liked her in this one. Whispers Through Time is an ambitious story and even if you’re not a fan of romance you will still like it for the way it looks at how the past affects the future and what true love can survive. I loved how I couldn’t guess where the story was going and the ending was totally unexpected. This book is a must read and this is coming from someone who normally doesn’t read a lot of historical fiction.



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