Three from Merry Farmer

19549055Eve hasn’t seen her sister Amelia in two years, Things have not gone well for Eve and she is looking to get her life back on track. She shows up at a train station in Cold Springs Montana to see her sister and hopefully fix their broken relationship. Eve gets recognized right away by some of the townspeople because she is an actress but many people in town don’t think highly of her. The first place she goes to is the local church where she meets a reverend named Mark and sparks begin to fly.

While her relationship with Mark starts to take off, things are not good between Eve and Amelia. Amelia is pregnant and not happy with Eve. Eve had a rough childhood and was saved by the theater but she wants a new start and a relationship with her sister. Indomitable Eve by Merry Farmer is a Montana Romance Novella that has a simple, good love story that romance fans will enjoy.

I really enjoyed the character of Eve in this story, she is a strong character that you can’t help to fall in love with. There was one scene where she watches kids perform a play in a church and you see the emotion she feels as she watches and wishes that she would have had a simple childhood like this. This is a woman who found a passion for acting but is missing something in her life and you want to see her find it. Indomitable Eve is a story about new beginnings and finding love in the process. Highly recommended for romance fans.

20986879Seeks For Her by Merry Farmer is another Montana Romance that gets into the theme of starting over and getting a new beginning. Rebecca Turner is divorced with children and life is looking up. The year is 1898 and society at this point looks down on people who are divorced by Rebecca doesn’t care. She is happy to get away from her abusive husband and can deal with the town shunning her. Things are going great until two of her kids get sick. She meets a doctor by the name of Thomas and a love story starts, sort of.

Rebecca is not sure she wants another relationship but Thomas is sure and wants to show Rebecca that love isn’t always pain. That’s not the only thing going on though in the town of Cold Springs. The water that the kids swim in may be contaminated and Thomas may be the only one who can help.

This is a romance novella with good characters and a more complex story then most books like it. I liked the idea that Rebecca is seen as an outcast but doesn’t care. Her first priority is her kids and she doesn’t care about love or acceptance. Love finds her though and we see a good love story develop. I loved the idea of two outcasts falling in love and the story of new beginnings in this book.

18365006All of the books in Merry Farmer’s Montana Romance series have a theme of starting over and finding love and Sarah Sunshine also fits that theme. Taking place in Cold Springs Montana, Sarah is a worker in a saloon with a rough past. She wants to be considered respectable but things don’t work out until she meets a man named Roy. Roy has a shady past also and the question is can both of them get over their past and find a new beginning?

This book is everything you would expect in a romance. Two characters who have their issues and lives seem incomplete but then they find each other and their lives get better. If your into romances you will love this book. I thought some of the other books in this series were better but this one delivers what you would expect and if you love a good love story what more can you ask for. Sarah Sunshine is like a fairy tale, I love the way the setting is described and the characters are all likeable. This was an entertaining read.



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