Aoléon: The Martian Girl Part One

BOOK I - COVERWe’ve all heard the phrase curiosity killed the cat, for Gilbert curiosity led to a discovery that few people knew about. Gilbert had been having strange dreams ever since crop circles appeared in his neighbor, farmer Johnson’s corn field and he wasn’t sure what they meant. One night Gilbert saw a mysterious light over the farm, he decided to  go investigate and finds a Martian girl named Aoléon sitting in the field.

When farmer Johnson sees them he starts shooting, thinking they’re vandals. The two new friends make a quick getaway in Aoléon’s space ship. As they’re leaving, Gilbert accidentally causes farmer Johnson’s cows to start flying and gets the attention of the U.S. air force.   Gilbert was wishing for an angel to take him away from life on the farm, what he got instead was an adventure that most kids only dream about.

Aoléon: The Martian Girl Part One by Brent LeVasseur is an awesomely illustrated outer space adventure. This book not only includes an excellent story that kids will love but there is also some great 3D animated pictures that bring the story to life. Even if you don’t like the story, the art will still make you want this book. I found myself spending a lot of time looking at the space photos and wondering how long it took to make them. The pictures of the cities on Mars were enough to make your jaw drop.

If the visual art itself doesn’t convince you to get this book the story should. Its intended for a middle school audience, it has lots of humor and some good lessons on how it’s important to help others.  I loved how Brent LeVasseur built suspense leading up to Gilbert and Aoléon meeting for the first time. Gilbert comes across as a nice kid that is looking for some excitement and Aoléon who is a thrill seeker, is the girl who will change everything for him. This is a tale about friendship with  non-stop action that adults will like as much as kids.

I think Aoléon: The Martian Girl Part One is a great book to get kids into reading Science Fiction and Fantasy. The characters are lovable and easy for kids to relate to, the art is fantastic and the story moves quickly. I also loved the explanation on how the space ship works and the description of life on Mars. This is the kind of book that will show kids how much fun reading can be. Adults will appreciate it also because it will remind them of why they like to read as kids. The best part is that this book is the beginning of a series and if the storytelling in this one is any indication, this series is going to be one fascinating thrill ride.

aoleon-the-martian-girl-wallpaper (2)



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