Quiet Riot: Well Now Your Here, There’s No Way Back

0_0_3415208_00_320wIt all started in the late 70’s. Quiet Riot started their rise to fame and made glam metal popular. They peaked in 1983 with the release of Metal Health, the first heavy metal album that topped the billboard charts. The album spawned two metal anthems in Cum On Feel The Noise and Bang Your Head. From there it was a long and winding road filled with ups and downs and lots of line up changes.

Quiet Riot: Well Now Your Here, There’s No Way Back is the story of The rise, fall and the rebirth of Quiet Riot. In 2007 their lead singer Kevin DuBrow passed away ending the career of the metal band that started the hair band movement of the eighties. In 2010, at a cross roads in his life, Quiet Riot’s drummer Frankie Banali restarted the band. This documentary chronicles Frankie Banali’s efforts to go forward with his career and life.

I’m a huge fan of hard rock and heavy metal from the seventies and eighties but I was never a big fan of Quiet Riot. I love documentaries though and I decided to give this one a shot. Well Now Your Here, There’s No Way Back is one of the best music documentaries that I’ve seen. While watching this movie I found myself wanting to laugh, cry and cheer.

I laughed when I saw the band members try to remember all the people who have been in the band over the years and their efforts to find a new singer. I felt like crying when I heard the story of Kevin’s death and seeing Frankie deal with it along with the death of his mother and wife. I also wanted to cheer when I saw Quiet Riot putting together a great show in front of a big crowd after all the problems they had. This movie will give you a new appreciation for Quiet Riot and show you how hard a rock band works to stay alive when it seems like the world is against them.

Even if I wasn’t a fan of 80’s music, I would have loved this documentary. The director Regina Russell did an excellent job of showing Frankie Banali’s efforts to keep his dreams alive and how hard it can be. You see his ups and downs and by the end of the movie you feel like you know him. This is a movie that you don’t want to miss and I hope it has some great extras when it comes out on dvd.



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