Jokes For Kids

25024177Are you looking for a laugh? Do you need something funny to get you through your day? Are you looking for something that will keep your kids entertained on a long car trip? Jokes for Kids: A two-in-one collection featuring Yo Mama Jokes and Knock Knock Jokes by Steve “Joke Teller” Evans is just what you need. This book is a simple, straight forward joke book. It starts off with a series of knock knock jokes that range from funny to so bad that they are funny and then the second half gets into your mama jokes that will have kids rolling on the floor in hysterics.

As an adult reading this book I found a lot of the jokes overly corny, but as you keep reading and get in the spirit, you will find yourself laughing in spite of yourself. I think kids will really love Jokes For Kids and its the perfect book for them to read with their friends.  This is a book aimed at kindergarteners but I can see older kids liking it also. Who doesn’t like a silly book sometimes. I felt the yo mama jokes were not as good as the knock knock jokes, but once again this book is targeted to an audience younger than me and I’m sure the intended age range will love it. As far as joke books go this is a fun read.



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