Learning The Secret Language Of Cats

Learning the Secret Language of CatsHave you ever noticed a cat staring at you and wondered what they are thinking? Cats are mysterious creatures and in my opinion a lot smarter than we give them credit. For instance cats communicate through body language but since humans don’t always understand this, they meow at us to let us know what’s going on. Its like Cats live a secret life that we humans don’t quite understand.

Dr. Carol Teed graduated veterinary college in 1990 and for several years ran a feline specialty practice. She understands cats better than most people do and she wrote a book called Learning The Secret Language Of Cats to help people have a better understanding of their cats. This is much more than a book about how to take care of your cat though, Dr Teed looks at how cats can affect your life on a spiritual basis by showing us what we can learn if we look closely enough.

When I first got this book I figured I wouldn’t want to read the whole thing, but I have three cats myself so I really wanted to hear what she had to say. I thought this book would seem like a technical manual on how to take care of your cat but this was not the case. Dr. Teed gives a fresh perspective on how to take care for your kitty by using humor, first hand knowledge and telling stories that happened in her own clinic.

This is what really made Learning The Secret Language Of Cats a good book, its like a memoir. Dr. Carol Teed gives us a first hand account on what its like to be a veterinarian and why she is so passionate about cats. To her, being a veterinarian was a spiritual journey and she also gets into why she eventually left her practice. I always like to hear people who are passionate about something talk about it and that is what this book is, one person talking about her passion. We get to hear all the things she has learned about cats over the years, like how cats teach us to forgive but not to forget, live in the present moment, be curious about everything and to take time for cat naps. There is one section in this book where she compares the cat to a yoga guru and I agree with her comparison since I love both yoga and cats. I do think that if you look at a relaxing cat, they do appear as if they figured out all of life’s mysteries.

This book also gets into practical issues on how to take care of your cat. Such as why its important to have pet insurance, how to deal with obesity, why vaccinations are important, how to keep indoor cats happy and how to choose a name that fits your feline. Dr. Teed teaches this in a way that’s informative and entertaining. There are a lot of funny cat stories here that make you want to keep reading. This book doesn’t read like a text-book, this is more like a cat lover trying to tell other cat lovers how to better care for your furry friends. If you love cats this book is a must read.


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2 thoughts on “Learning The Secret Language Of Cats

  1. Thanks very much for taking the time to read and then write a review for my book about cats and thank you especially for your kind words. So pleased that you liked it. Carol Teed

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