The Professional Freelancer

22430171Sometimes life doesn’t go your way and you have to try something new. The Professional Freelancer by Rory Scherer is a book about one man’s adventure in working odd jobs. This is not your normal book, it’s all told from the narrator’s point of view and its a pretty quick read.

The narrator(Real name is never given) is a normal guy that seems to run into a lot of bad luck. Like most people he doesn’t like most of the jobs he works, he finds them mundane and soul sucking and he can’t seem to hold on to them. When the company he works for goes belly up due to the CEO engaging in illegal activity, he finds himself unemployed again. With no prospects and a girlfriend who just dumped him, he takes his friend’s advice and goes into business for himself. From there its one adventure after another. He works at an old folks home, solves a mystery, helps someone cheat at poker, upsets the Korean mafia and then it gets even worse. The most bizarre thing is that everything is connected.

I find books like The Professional Freelancer to be entertaining.  This book has comedy, action and a good story told by a character who is likable and easy to relate to. You can’t get any more average then the narrator is and I found myself rooting for him to find happiness and get a good job. I also loved the pop culture references in the story and the humorous observations on everyone that the narrator has. On the surface he seems like a simple character, but as the story goes on you see that he is a complex individual.

People like his girlfriend and brother-in-law see the narrator as dull and dim-witted but if you pay attention you see that he is an intelligent guy who cares for people. I love the way he manages to scope out the competition in a senior’s card game and then does what he needs to do to give the woman he his working for a chance to win.  He solves a mystery in the old folks home that no one else knew about and helped an old woman break out of her shell so to speak. I also loved his observations in the nursing home like when he says he doesn’t know if its worse getting constantly rejected by women or having Alzheimer’s disease and getting rejected, not remembering  it and getting rejected again. Who knew that scenes in a nursing home could be so funny.

The writing in The Professional Freelancer is witty and the story is a lot of fun. This is the kind of book that is good to read on a long car trip because the story never gets boring. You get to see what a guy has to do when the world seems against him and get a lot of laughs along the way. For a short read this book has a lot to offer and is the perfect read if you have a few hours to kill.





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