Heat Of The Moment

23014577Sometimes two people in love have to separate because someone thinks it’s best for everyone. What happens though when that same couple gets reunited 10 years later at a crime scene. Becca had a way with animals and she was destined to be a veterinarian because she hears what animals are thinking. Ten years ago her heart was broken when her boyfriend Owen left to join the marines. Owen was from the wrong side of the tracks. He was raised by a mentally ill mother and felt he had to leave Three Harbors, Wisconsin in order to make something of himself.

One night Becca was jogging by Owen’s old home and is surprised to see him home. Even more surprising is that evidence inside the house shows that some missing pets were murdered there. A murderer is on the loose in Three Harbors and Becca is next on the list of potential victims. To make things even more complicated Becca finds out she may not be who she thought she was and has a power that others are willing to kill for.

Heat Of The Moment by Lori Handeland is the second book in the Sisters Of The Craft trilogy and a great stand alone novel. I’ve read a few books by Lori Handeland and I feel like this is the best book I’ve read by her. In most romance novels(and this book is more than just a romance novel) I feel like I know where the story is going. In this one I had a feeling I knew where it was going but wasn’t sure how the story was going to get there.

What really sold this story for me was the character of Owen. This is a man who had nothing going for him except Becca, the whole town of Three Harbors seems to be against him or so he thinks. Owen had low self-esteem and was known as the crazy woman’s kid. He at least had Becca which was the reason he had to leave town. My favorite part of the book was when Owen sees Becca performing a miracle as a veterinarian and realizes that if he would have stayed, Becca could have never become who she was.

Perceptions aren’t always reality though. Owen has just returned from Afghanistan with a bad injury and is not sure what will happen next and some people in town make it obvious that they don’t want him around. As the story moves along we see that Owen was a hero in the war and some people in town see him that way but he still sees himself as the low life he use to feel like. Another great scene in this book was a flashback where Owen and Becca meet for the first time as kids. It was the type of scene that if you saw it in a film it you would think of it as one of the great moments in a romantic movie. From that point you are rooting for the couple to get back together in the present.

Just in case romance isn’t your thing there is a lot more going on in the Heat Of The Moment that might tickle your fancy. There is a good mystery going on, some great supporting characters and a story of a woman finding out that she has power. There is magic in this book that leads into a whole mythology that fans of romance and mystery will love.



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