InQUIZitive Trivia Quiz & Pub Book Volume IV

22448430How smart are you? Do you think questions on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or Jeopardy are too easy? When your with your friends are they in awe by all the trivia knowledge that you possess? Well if you’re looking for a new challenge or to gain some more trivia knowledge to impress people, check out InQUIZitive Trivia Quiz & Pub Book Volume IV by Sumit Dhar. This book will make you realize that you have a lot to learn.

The InQUIZitive book series is not your normal trivia book, it has a lot of information that you won’t find in other trivia books. Some of the questions range from Chinese history to rock music. InQUIZitive has a little something for everyone. The questions are hard, but you will learn a lot if you stick with it. I found as I was reading through the questions and answers that they are hard but I also realized that I was learning a lot of things that I didn’t know before.

InQUIZitive is an addictive read, its part quiz book and part history book. I had to read the answers after each question because I didn’t know any of them and once I started I couldn’t stop. If you’re a trivia buff you have to get into the InQUIZitive series. Once you start reading it you will realize that no matter how smart you are, you have a lot to learn.

If you don’t know who Malik Abdul Aziz is, or who Richard M. Schulze is, then you need this book. If you like Trivia Crack or Trivial Pursuit then you’ve got to try InQUIZitive. Sumit Dhar has created a book that is fun, informative and addictive. My first thought when I started it was that I’m not smart enough to read this book, but I also found that I couldn’t put it down. If the fact that this book is fun isn’t enough to get you to read it, just get it so you can impress your friends with how much you know.


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