Benjamin Buckingham And The Nightmare’s Nightmare


Benjamin is your average 9-year-old kid but his dreams have been getting weird lately. When he compares himself to other kids, he sees his dreams as being boring. Most of the time he just dreams about being a part of his favorite show: Jurassic Superheroes. The show is about talking dinosaurs who fight evil, in his dreams he is helping the stars of the show battle bad guys. Lately though those dreams are turning into nightmares.

One night he wakes up from his nightmare and finds  a talking dinosaur named Snark in his bedroom. Both of them start screaming and Snark escapes through a hole under Benjamin’s bed. Benjamin then makes the choice that he would have much more fun exploring what’s in the hole under the bed then going to school. So he leaps down the hole and finds a world of dinosaurs, dragons, talking animals and castles where dreams and nightmares are created. Soon afterwords Benjamin finds himself on a quest to save a missing king and he has to stop nightmares from taking over dreams.

Benjamin Buckingham And The Nightmare’s Nightmare by Gregory Gershwin is a YA fantasy novel that will change the way you think about dreams. Who would have thought that dreams are made in another world by actors in a giant castle. I thought this was a really cool idea to base a book on and I liked the idea of Benjamin finding out that he is more important than he thinks and the dream world was not what he thought it was.

This book is a fun read, there were some parts of the story that didn’t makes sense to me and at times I felt the story could have used a little more action.  That being said, I enjoyed the dialogue in the story and loved all characters. Some of the exchanges between Benjamin and the other characters are hilarious. When he arrives in the castle he has to convince the king that he is not a monster and then later learns there is a lot that you are not allowed to talk about in the castle. Benjamin has another great conservation with my favorite character Myrna the caterpillar. Myrna sells maps to people who are entering the forest but her maps aren’t always correct. She is only one of the interesting creatures you meet in this story and they all have one thing in common, which you will find out when you read the book.

Another thing I really enjoyed about this book was the ideas in the story. For instance there is a point where Benjamin is having a conversation with Myrna and she accuses Benjamin of being in love with a girl in the castle. Benjamin denies it and Myrna mentions if he is not in love then he must not have an imagination. I loved the idea of love and having an imagination being related. The book also gives the message that it’s ok to be different, which is a fact that every kid should know.   This book is the first novel by Gregory Gershwin and you can see that Gregory has a great imagination. This is a story that kids will love and it will be fun to see what  adventures Gregory will come up with in the future.


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