Sade Evans

25270789Sade Evans has it all, she is rich, beautiful and every guy would be happy to have her. Appearances can be deceiving though, beneath the surface she is not the happy person that everyone would expect her to be.  She may have the best clothes and everything else most people dream of but she has an abusive father and a step mother who turns the other cheek.

Sade finally decides that she has had enough and kills her father and step mother making it look like an accident. After the deed is done her world starts to get brighter, she finds happiness and a new boyfriend. But the past doesn’t always stay buried. Little by little people start to get suspicious and slowly her world starts to fall apart. Now Sade is trapped in a nightmare of lies and betrayal and it looks like she will never get the perfect life she was after.

Sade Evans by Tonne Odom is like reading a television soap opera.  It has everything a soap should have, sex, betrayal, beautiful people, drama and a little mystery. Usually I shy away from books like this but this one was coming from a new author and I wanted to give it a shot. Generally I couldn’t relate to the characters, they seemed unreal and the way Sade and her friend Tia are described in the beginning I instantly disliked them. The author makes mention that the first thing a guy would think of when they saw Tia’s lips was oral sex and with that I thought this isn’t the right book for me. Also I found myself thinking the parents couldn’t be that bad and someone probably would have found out about the abuse and told the media long before Sade decided to kill them.

Despite my feelings on the characters I kept on reading and enjoyed how the story was told. Reading Sade Evans you get the feeling that Tonne Odom knows how to tell a good story and his writing will get better in the future. If you’re a fan of romance, mystery and soap operas, you will  like this book. It’s the kind of story that you would see as a Lifetime movie of the week or maybe on ABC family. I think Tonne Odom shows a lot of promise as a new author and I would be interested to see what he does in the future.


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