Return To Food

Return to FoodEveryone has been on the diet roller coaster, eating healthy is not always easy. When you go into the grocery store there are thousands of items to choose from and who has time to look at the labels and figure out what’s healthy or not. If your like me a lot of the time you just eat whatever is quickest.

Personally I can say I don’t have a good relationship with food. I like doing yoga and taking long walks  but when it comes to food I don’t care what I eat and I love junk food. I realize I’m a walking contradiction and I always say to myself that some day I will make the effort to eat healthier.

That being said recently I discovered the book Return To Food The Life Changing Anti-Diet by Sherry Strong. Sherry’s book looks at food differently then most diet books. Her philosophy isn’t to restrict the amount of food to eat, what she is trying to do is show you the right food to eat. One thing Sherry points out is that most of the packaged foods that  you find in the store are not good for you. Anything with refined oils, sugars, salts, grains and chemicals should be avoided. Sherry points out that a good rule of thumb is that if you can’t make it in your own kitchen or if you can’t spell it, don’t eat it.

Sherry Strong acknowledges that it’s not easy to eat healthy with all the bad information out there. She then gives you a step by step method of improving your eating and gives you other ways to improve your life while pointing out that the first step is through proper nutrition. She talks about her own struggle with weight and tells you what foods to avoid and why. Sherry does a good job of making healthy eating sound like it’s not as difficult as you thought. She mentions going to farmer’s markets for fruits and vegetables and eating organic whenever possible and that we need to start eating like we use to 100 years ago.

Return To Food is like an instruction manual for changing your life. This book has some great recipes along with several beautifully drawn illustrations by the author. My favorite parts of this book was when she told the story of meeting someone from The Biggest Looser and said how she thought the show was perpetuating the opposite of what it claimed to promote. I also liked how she gave a list of ways to improve your sleep and told how food was processed and proved how it was bad for you.

Return To Food gives you all the tools you need to live a better life. Above all she points out that you can’t be a perfect eater but you can make better choices. As for me I thought there was a lot of good information in this book and I will be trying the recipes and eating healthier. At the same time though I wouldn’t be able to eat organic or drink nothing but spring water because its to expensive. She does address this in the book and makes some good points for eating locally grown food and even though I’m not ready to go all the way I will spend more time at the Farmer’s market and in the produce aisle.

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