Price of Vengeance

Price of VengeanceLiam is a stranger in a strange land, he was born to a family of farmstead workers. At the age of two the farmstead he lived in was destroyed by a race of giant bug like creatures called the chitin. He was adopted by the by Marcus the High Councilor of New Olympia and his wife Lidia. Liam lived for 20 years in  New Olympia on the planet of Etrusci under the watchful eye of his brother Randolf. As an adult Liam and his brother are part of the military defending Etrusci against the chitin.

Liam is well liked in New Olympia but he doesn’t feel like he belongs and no one remains from his birth family. Little does he know that a full-fledged war is about to break out between the chitin and the people of New Olympia. Liam will soon find out that there is a higher intelligence left over from an old galactic civil war controlling the chitin.This intelligence may also be responsible for destroying his people. Liam must learn who he truly is and use his powers to get vengeance on the traitor who is trying to take over New Olympia.

Price of Vengeance by Kurt D. Springs is a fast paced Science Fiction adventure which includes genetically manipulated life forms, strange creatures that communicate telepathically and a way to use dreams to communicate and travel. This is the part I enjoyed the most of this book. Kurt has done a great job of creating a new world that mirrors our own in several ways but still feels different. Though it’s on another planet, the families are like our own and someone from another race feels like an outcast even though the people don’t treat him that way. Also the way the people follow a certain religion but a few people seem to interpret it differently also mirrors how people view religion in our society.

My favorite part of the book was learning about the people’s telepathic abilities and the whole concept of dream walking. I also liked the concept of  having to believe in what you’re doing in the dream for it to have an effect. At one point one of the characters compares dream walking to astral projection which is something people believe in our world. The book also gets into genetic manipulation which leads to people using their dreams and telepathy.

Price Of Vengeance has created a world with a back story that I loved hearing about. My only problem with the book was that in the beginning it jumps right into the action and you know very little about the world they are on and its inhabitants. For a bit I was wondering if I might have missed a book that set up the action in this story. Eventually the action slows down and we get to learn about the history of Etrusci.

If I was going to compare this book to any Science Fiction movies it would be Starship Troopers and Star Wars. This book does a great job of describing battles and how weapons work on the planet Etrusci. There are also some great characters in the story and I liked hearing about their belief system. There is a great message in this book about how seeking vengeance can twist you as a person and turn you into someone who you don’t want to be. Price Of Vengeance is one exciting read and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

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