Promise Of Mercy

Promise of Mercy25 years after a viscous battle was fought on the planet Etrusci there is a new conflict. Deirdre and her sisters have returned to their home planet after their training  with the Finnian Shock Forces. They find that  their mother, High Priestess Celinia, and other leaders of the clergy have been taken hostage, and their father, Colonel Liam O’Connor has disappeared. As they struggle to find their father, Deirdre finds evidence of a plot to start a new war and Liam has made friends with a rebel war criminal. Will Deirde kill the rebels or show them mercy.

Promise Of Mercy by Kurt D. Springs is the sequel to Price Of Vengeance but it’s also a stand alone novel. I loved how fast paced this novel is and I liked it a little more than the first book for the simple reason that I was more familiar with the setting in this story. I liked the characters and the setting so much that it was nice to revisit it.

The thing I liked the most about Promise Of Mercy is the world that Kurt D. Springs has created. Everything is described in great detail and I enjoyed hearing about how they use their dreams to travel and how their weapons work. I also liked the concept in the story of someone having to show kindness to their sworn enemy. Promise Of Mercy is a great Science Fiction adventure set in a world that resembles ours in several ways but is different enough that it feels totally original. This is a great book for anyone who likes a well told story in a fantastic setting.

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