Ghosts Of Rock Island

Here is a little ghost story I wrote for a contest taking place in the area I grew up in, the Quad Cities(It’s located along the Mississippi River In Northwestern Illinois and Northeastern Iowa. The story was supposed to be family friendly and not to scary, it also had to include something from the history of the Quad Cities.

This story isn’t very good, I like my idea but I think I need a little help in getting my ideas across better and in writing an entertaining story. I think its time for me to find a writing group to join.

That being said I enjoyed writing it and in the near future in addition to having book reviews here, I’m also going to start writing a fictional diary of a ghost hunter.


This story is loosely based on an episode of The Dead Files: Season 2: Episode 16: The Evil Underground: Rock Island


Ghosts Of Rock Island


Ugh!!! Stupid Tree!!!

“Amy stop fooling around, I got to get home before 11pm.”

“Hey, I just got attacked by a tree, show a little compassion.”

Steve chuckled, “I’m sorry, who won you or the tree?”

“The tree won, but I’m going to ask for a rematch, if it wasn’t so dark out here I wouldn’t have ran into it. Explain to me again why we’re out here in the dark?”

“Because we want to see a ghost?”

“We? I don’t want to see a ghost.”

“Why are you here then?”

“To keep the ghost from eating you”

Steve laughed again: “I don’t think ghosts eat people, they just scare people.”

“Ok, why are we out here in these dark woods waiting for a ghost to come along and scare us?”

Steve sighed: “I want to see a ghost, I’ve been watching shows on them, reading books and watching all the ghost hunting shows I can find and I think it’s interesting that despite all this information out there about ghosts, no one can prove they exist. People say these woods are haunted so I want to find the ghost that lives here, I want to prove that ghosts exist.” There’s a house up ahead that was built in the forties supposedly before the house was built there was another house on the land that belonged to John Looney and they say his ghost haunts the surrounding area.”

“Ohhh. I did a research paper on Looney last year, I didn’t know he had a house up here. So are the new owners going to let us into their house? Couldn’t we have driven up to the house and knocked instead of sneaking through the woods?”

Steve laughed again: “We’re not going to go in the house, the woods by the house are also haunted. Looney ran the town of Rock Island back in the early 1900’s. He was a lawyer and ran a newspaper called The Rock Island News. He also made money from illegal gambling, prostitution and he blackmailed people. The movie,  The Road To Predition was based on him and there is a book on him called Citadel of Sin: The John Looney Story.

“Hello? I said I wrote a research paper on him, I know who he is but why do you thing his ghost is here?”

“Well in this show that I saw they said there is a man in a dark cloak in the woods by the house, they say he is evil and they also say that he is seen sometime burying people in the woods and he has other ghosts with him that sit in the trees. I think it’s the ghost of John Looney, back in 1922 there was an attempted hit on Looney, they didn’t kill him but they did get his son. I think the ghost in black burying someone in the woods is Looney and I want to see him. ”

“So we’re walking through the woods late at night to see an evil ghost burying someone in the woods, wow, we need to talk about your idea of fun. Ever hear of video games? They can be fun too and you don’t have to worry about an angry ghost chasing after you.”

“I guess when you put it like that it is kind of scary being out here in the woods, but I still want to see this ghost.”

“Well maybe I should walk back to the car and drive to Happy Joes for a pizza while you go play with your ghost. Eating pizza is my idea of fun.”

Steve sighed, ”five more minutes and we’ll walk back to the car,” Steve pointed at a row of trees:  “Right there…a dark figure with a shovel…It’s a ghost… a real ghost…I don’t believe it!”

Amy froze in her tracks and noisily inhaled, she reached for Steve’s hand. “I…I…It is a ghost, W…w…e need to get out of here!!!”

It looked like a white cloud, but as you looked closer you could see it seemed to have on a long cloak and a hat, it hovered slightly above the ground and started to move towards Amy and Steve, they turned to run but the ghost appeared in front of them and stared at them with hollow eyes.

“Who are you! What do you want! This Land doesn’t belong to you! You shouldn’t be here!” The ghost bellowed.  The two teenagers tried to speak but couldn’t find their voices. “This is my land, our land and you are trespassing, leave now and never return, I will defend this land against you and your people!”

The ghost faded away.

Amy shuddered: “Who was that?” A figure from behind them spoke: “That was Keokuk, he was a chief of the Sauk Indian tribe that use to live here, some of the Sauk Indians didn’t like the white men coming to their land but Keokuk thought it was better to not fight the white men who came to this area. Things didn’t go well for him, he was forced to go to a reservation in Kansas and most of his men thought he was a coward. I feel sorry for the guy, he is doing a good job defending his land now, against kids like you. If you studied this area’s history you would know that.”

Amy turned towards the person, “Who are you?”

“I’m the ghost of John Looney, I’ve been following you, consider yourself lucky, you wanted to see a ghost and now you saw two.”

Amy and Steve stared in amazement and then as one they screamed in horror and ran off.

“Dopey kids” Looney muttered and watched them run off into the cool Rock Island evening.


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