Yoga For Beginners

25068158There are a lot of misconceptions about yoga. Some people look at it as a religious new age practice and would never consider trying it. Some men look at it as a women’s activity and don’t realize that they can benefit from it, you also have other people who wear yoga pants and don’t get into the workouts at all. Then you have the people who want to try yoga but have no idea where to start because there are so many different forms of yoga to try.

Yoga For Beginners: What Every Yoga Beginner Should Know Before Practice by Ashley Leesburg is a short intro guide for anyone who is thinking about practicing yoga. This book includes reasons why you should try it, how to avoid injury, what to expect in a class, what kinds of yoga are out there, a history of yoga and 21 photos of yoga poses. This is a straight forward book that doesn’t spend a lot of time on each subject but gives you enough information for you to decide if you want to try yoga or not.

This book touches on all the  benefits of yoga. Such as how it improves your flexibility, decreases anxiety and improves mental clarity through meditation. This book has the feel of an instructional manual that you would get from a teacher before you start a class. It doesn’t go too deep into what to expect, it just scratches the surface as to what yoga can do for you and why you should consider it.

What I liked most about this book is that it points out how yoga isn’t just for women, several men do it to and it can be a great cardio vascular workout that doesn’t require any equipment to buy. This book also makes some great points as to why you should start a practice. Ashley Leesburg points out that once you start going to a yoga class everything will fall in to place when it comes to  living a healthier lifestyle. People into yoga are into healthy eating and other habits and they will start to rub off on you. Yoga For Beginners is a book that can be the start of a new lifestyle and as the author points out you don’t even need a mat to try it, just a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

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Farther Than We Ever Dreamed Episode 5: Gold

Gold cover 1dThe Universe is endless and it may be impossible to explore it all. In the far distant future we have used technology to build a space ship that is really more like a planet. We have made clones of some of the greatest artists, scientists, musicians and world leaders that the universe has ever known. Their not completely sure what their mission is but they plan to explore the universe and see what’s out there. This description is just a very short summary of what Farther Than We Dreamed  by Noah K Mullette-Gillman is about. The story will have 13 episodes and tell the story of the crew of the USS Shamballa. There has been a book that contains the first 4 episodes of the story and recently I read the fifth volume in the series called Gold.

In Noah K Mullette-Gillman’s Gold  Charlie Daemon and the crew of the USS Shambala have arrived on the planet Tertius 17, which has an average temperature of -30 to -60 degrees. The ship’s geologist Veronika Zavada said the planet has gold and their ship has a limited supply. They go to the planet’s surface and find  a race of creatures that they didn’t know about and other strange elements that have not been previously discovered.

Gold is a small part of a much bigger story and its everything that good Science Fiction should be.  In this book we discover a new planet and see a race of giant turtle like creatures that have a whole eco-system living in their shadow.  We also learn about the geft machine, a device that can build any non-organic item. The geft machine can build cities and palaces and has effected society both positively and negatively. What I liked about the geft machine was that it reminded me of 3d printers that are starting to get used and I wondered if in the future if we might have a machine that can build a palace to live in. Though with progress comes sacrifice and the author makes some good points about how getting everything we desire might have a negative effect on the universe. If you could have everything you wanted given to you would you appreciate it? And how would the world around you be effected?

I have to say that I love the concept for this whole series. Each episode looks at something that has happened  in one of the character’s past, but the interesting thing is that the character in the present is a clone of that character from the past and doesn’t remember all the details of their past. Episode 5 gets into Charlie Daemon and Kalligeneia’s past and we learn how their pasts have effected the current versions of the characters.

Noah K. Mullette-Gillman has created a vast and complex universe in the Farther Than We Dreamed series. There are a lot of interesting characters with complicated pasts and several concepts here that I would have never dreamed of. What I’ve read of this series is excellent and I hope Noah starts getting a lot more attention for his writing, this is a series that fans of Science Fiction should consider a must read.

If you need to be convinced to give Farther Than We Dreamed a try, here is a video of the author reading the first chapter: