Aegean Dream

12519549Would you be willing to leave the security of your every day life for the chance to make your dream come true? Dario and his wife Linda did just that when they decided to leave behind the financial security they had and live on a Greek island. Many of us have gone on vacation and thought how great it would be to live there. Aegean Dream by Dario Ciriello is the story of two people brave enough to turn a dream into reality.

I was hooked on this book from the start. In the beginning you hear Dario and his wife Linda talk about how wonderful it would be live in a vacation destination which is something that lots of people do.  Aegean Dream is a very detailed travel memoir that takes you from Dario and Linda planing out how they can make the trip happen, overcome the obstacles to make it happen and what life was like in Greece. This book doesn’t sugar coat anything, you see how hard it was to make a living on the island, how difficult the government bureaucracy was to deal with and the hard realities to living your dream life.

I was surprised how good it was, I figured that at some point I would lose interest in the story but I never did. I enjoyed hearing about all the differences between Greeks and Americans and with Dario and Linda constantly having a new challenge to face, I was curious to see if they would be able to make a living. They have issues such as appliances not working, getting their belongings through customs, and getting their business up and going.

As they go to Greece they have a plan to make and sell soap using local ingredients. While they have a solid business plan what they didn’t plan on was the government red tape. Reading this book you can see what led to Greece’s financial collapse. The government sets up a lot of obstacles to starting new businesses which Dario and Linda have to deal with, also at one point you hear about a woman saying how employers get away with not paying their employees and one employee went over a month without getting paid. Another thing that you read about is one person saying that people use credit too much and they don’t seem to realize that one day they will have to pay the money back.

I loved reading about how Greek people were so friendly and very different from Americans. Dario talks about how they were invited to several dinners where everyone was encouraged to eat and drink until they got their fill. This book is worth reading for two reasons, it’s a great look at a culture that is very different from ours and its a story about a couple who tried to make their dreams come true. Aegean Dream is a great story from a great storyteller and is a book that you should read before you decide to follow your dreams. One thing you will learn is that you have to take the good with the bad, running down a dream isn’t easy.


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