David’s Haunted Library: Black Easter


8690575Paul Hatzis was tired of life in San Francisco, his wife had left him to join a cult and he feels American culture is violent and delusional. Paul is in search of a simpler life and has decided to go to  the Greek island of Vóunos to find it. He rents out a small old house but what he doesn’t know is that the house has a dark history.

Seventy years ago master of the dark arts, Dafyd along with a seer named Magda and Klaus a delusional SS colonel practiced black magic there. They killed some of the locals and in their final ritual they made a deal with outer hell and gave up their bodies to serve 70 years in hell. In exchange for their service they will be given new bodies and become immortals on Earth and the souls of the three bodies they inhabit will spend eternity…

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