Onyx Webb: Book Two

28780117I’m not even sure where to begin when talking about Onyx Webb:Book Two by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. This book isn’t like other books, it’s a paranormal soap opera that includes three stories in different time periods which are all connected. The word Webb in the title is quite fitting because this series is a little like a spider’s web of different stories and genres including: Romance, horror, mystery and drama. There is a lot going on and it’s fun figuring out how it’s all woven together.

The main story here is about Onyx Webb, in this book its the 1930’s and she is moving all over the country with her husband Ulrich. Onyx doesn’t know it but Ulrich has a secret and Onyx is in danger. We also have story going on at the Open Arms Orphanage where Declan Mulvaney and best friend Tommy Bilazzo have to put up with nuns and a priest who are making life hard for them. The third story takes place in 2010 and follows Koda Mulvaney as he tries to find out who the ghost girl he keeps seeing in the mirror is.

I think this is a hard book to talk about because if I talk to much about the story it will spoil it. There is no beginning, middle or end, its part of a series and it just keeps going. What I think makes this book good is the characters, who are all fascinating. Even the characters who are considered bad have their good points and come across as realistic. For instance Onyx’s husband Ulrich is a snake in the grass and is doing things behind Onyx’s back but at times we see him show compassion towards Onyx at times and he comes across as sympathetic. Make no mistake Ulrich is not a good person and one of my favorite parts was in Onyx’s journal when she admits she made a mistake in marrying Ulrich but she felt she had to because she was afraid of being alone.

I really enjoy how the story of Onyx is being told, we see her as a child, then as a married woman but we also hear her thoughts thanks to her journal which was written by her as a ghost. So we are left to wonder how did Onyx die and how is she writing in a diary when she is dead? Also in this book I liked the story of Declan and Tommy in the orphanage and what happens to them after the orphanage. There is a scene in a theater with the two boys that was really hard to read.

Another thing I liked in this book was the introduction of two paranormal investigators with a TV series and that part of the story takes place in Lily Dale which is a real place where several spiritual mediums live. I liked how the authors used certain locations to tell the story such as an old amusement park in Chicago and a theater in the 1930’s. This is an interesting book to say the least and if you read and liked the first book you will like this one too as it gets deeper into the characters. Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton have written a series that is complex, easy to read and a lot of fun. I would love to know what their writing process is like on this series.




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