The Urban Boys

26850355Danville Heights is your idealistic small American town. There is no crime, no traffic and everyone loves the local high school football team, The Chargers. One day five kids from Danville Heights: Jordan, Rhee, Kinsu, Chase and Alex are exposed to a mysterious energy in an open field and are left with extremely heightened senses. Life changes for the boys and they decide to use their new senses to fight evil in the neighboring town and mirror opposite of Danville Heights called Sandry Lake.

The Urban Boys by K.N. Smith is a YA paranormal action adventure novel about a group of kids whose lives start to change and they are left with a series of choices. I loved how Danville Heights seem to represent all that was good and Sandry Lake was the opposite. When the kids figure out their powers they have to go to Sandry Lake to prove themselves. You could say that this is a coming of age novel with an exciting story.

This book was a mixed bag for me, I enjoyed the story and how everything in their world is described but the characters didn’t feel real to me. All of the characters including the bad ones seemed way to nice, from the way they spoke to the way they thought. As I read I thought to myself that I don’t think kids act that way and the town of Danville Heights seems to perfect.

That being said this book is still a good read, the way it’s written is impressive. Reading  K.N. Smith’s description of the world her characters live in is like an artist painting a classical masterpiece. I’ve never read a book quite like this one where every situation is seen in vivid detail. This book comes across as a long piece of poetry with a good message about the importance of loyalty, friendship and responsibility.

The Urban Boys is a book that young audiences will love. Its different then a lot of the YA novels that I read because this book reads like a painting. Also while reading this I thought this was a good book for young writers to read because it’s a great example of how to write beautiful prose. The concept behind this book is a fabulous one and it looks like there will be a sequel in the future. I’ll be happy to see what K.N. Smith comes up with in her next book.

K.N. Smith K.N. Smith is an American author and passionate advocate of childhood and family literacy programs throughout the world. She continues to inspire students of all ages to reach their highest potential in their literary and educational pursuits. Her creative, lyrical flair sweeps across pages that twist, turn, and grind through elements of paranormal and action-adventure in diverse, exciting, edge-of-your-seat narratives. She lives with her family in California.

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