Escape From Witchwood Hollow

23351890Arrn is a small town where most of the people live and work on a farm. It’s a different world then New York City where Honoria is from. In October of 2001, Fifteen year old Honoria had just lost her parents in the World Trade Center bombings and is now going to a new school and starting a new life in this rural community that has a dark secret. Outside of Arrn is an area of forest called Witchwood Hollow where a soul stealing witch lives.

One night two girls from the school take Honoria to the hollow and she soon finds out that there may be some truth to the old myth of a witch who traps kids who enter her domain. In the hollow it is always Autumn and when Honoria enters she has strange visions. She now believes that awakening the witch who lives there may be the key to seeing her parents again. But Witchwood Hollow is a place of broken dreams and promises from which she may never escape.

Escape From Witchwood Hollow by Jordan Elizabeth has a lot going for it. The way everything is described in this book made you feel like you were there. Witchwood Hollow feels like a real place where either your dreams can come true or doom awaits. My favorite part of the book is Honoria, the way she is described in the opening chapters makes you feel for her. She is a girl going through a traumatic experience but you get the feeling that she will make a better life for herself, the question is how? Honoria in the beginning is desperately missing her parents and she  is a stranger in a strange land. She is  jealous of her brother who seems to have a much easier time making friends and she feels all alone even when two girls befriend her. You have hope for Honoria though as you see how she dreams about having her own fashion magazine. She may have problems in the present but she is still looking forward to the future.

This brings me to the main problem with the book, I liked Honoria so much that when the book starts to get into the witch’s story set in 1670, I found myself just wanting to get back to Honoria’s story. Then we get into a third character’s story with a girl named Albertine set in 1850. While I liked how each story related to the other I felt there was too much going on and it would have been better if it kept the focus on Honoria and didn’t include Albertine at all.

Escape From Witchwood Hollow is a book that young readers will enjoy. Honoria is a character that anyone who has moved to a new town and felt like a fish out of water can relate to. This is a visually exciting book and the main idea of what someone is willing to do when they feel lonely is handled well.  Jordan Elizabeth knows how to entertain a teenage audience and she has written a good story  with a twist ending that will leave you in shock.


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