The Importance of Exercise

The Importance Of Exercise


David Watson

Do you want to be happier, reduce stress and lead a healthier lifestyle? It’s easier than you think to accomplish, all you have to do is exercise. You might be thinking to yourself that you don’t have the time for it or maybe you think it’s to hard to stick to a routine. Change never comes easy but once you find out how physical activity can improve your life and how much fun it can be, you will be glad you did it. Twenty minutes of exercise a day can change your life.

Why is it important?

The human body is meant to be active. If we sit for too long we have problems with obesity, high blood pressure, stiff joints, depression and anxiety. When you exercise your body produces endorphins that elevates your mood and reduces stress. Exercise is an all natural anti-depressant and it costs you nothing.

I started to exercise regularly when I was in my early thirties. I got to a point where I was heavier than I had ever been and I didn’t like how slow I was moving, so I started to walk on a treadmill at work during my lunch breaks. Pretty soon I lost weight and found that I really loved getting a workout in. Pretty soon I went from a half hour a day on a treadmill to trying yoga, zumba and taekwondo.Fifteen years after starting, I’m addicted to it and can’t imagine going more than a day without it. I also find I have more aches and pains if I go too long without being active.

I work with a lot of older people and they all agree that the best way to stay healthy as you get older is to stay active. As one co-worker I talked to said: “When you stop moving you start to have health problems, it’s not good to sit for too long.”

How do you find the time?

One reason some people don’t excersise is because they have trouble finding time, but if you put your mind to it you can find plenty of ways to be more active. One thing I did to make sure I was getting enough activity in my day was to park far away from the place I worked so that I would have a long walk to get inside. Another thing I did was on my breaks at work I went out into the stairwell to run up and down the steps. I knew a few people who did this and one woman told me she does it to help her deal with the stress on the job, if she didn’t walk to clear her head, she couldn’t handle the job and felt like the walls were closing in.

How do you keep motivated?

One thing to do to motivate yourself is to make it fun. At home I like to turn on a cheesy action or horror movie and do yoga while I watch it. I also use my smart phone or tablet a lot. There are lots of podcasts and internet radio stations like Pandora, stitcher or tunein where you can find excellent music to make your workout more fun.

Find an exercise program?

If you want to try something different to increase your activity level, you could try a class. You don’t have to look hard to find some in your area, like dancing, martial arts or yoga. There are plenty of professional gyms and studios that offer these but if you’re looking for a cheaper place to find some classes try your local recreation department. Many local communities have these where you can meet people in your area, play team sports take a zumba class or any other kind of class imaginable. This is the low-cost way to find out if you like something like yoga. Don’t worry if you’re not good enough to participate in a class. Most rec. departments offer classes for different skill levels and you will always find people who will help you learn.

In closing, exercise is important and not as hard to work into your schedule as you think. The benefits include less stress, better health and it could lead you to meeting a whole new group of friends. So give it try, you won’t be sorry.


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