Music That Kicks Ass Part 2 In A Gada Da Vida

So this last week I saw a documentary about Jimi Hendrix which put me in the mood to listen to a lot of 1960’s rock music. One of my favorite songs from the sixties has got to be In A Gada Da Vida by Iron Butterfly. Not the 3 minute single version which made the billboard charts in 1968, I’m talking about the 17 minute long version of the song.

In A Gada Da Vida is an epic hard rock song that I just can’t get enough of. Its funny I’ve listened to some of Iron Butterfly’s other songs and I didn’t like any of them but this song is excellent. This may have been there only hit song but it’s a great song to be remembered for. Surprisingly there is still a version of Iron Butterfly that plays live shows today but there are no original band members left. Here is the long version of the song and the Simpsons version of it:


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