Music That Kicks Ass Part 3: Tom Waits

8729624227_1d777343acOn Netflix last week I watched a documentary on what music influences Keith Richards called Under The Influence. This documentary got into all the blues musicians that influenced The Rolling Stones and showed lots of footage of Keith playing live and in the studio. If you are a Stones fan this is a must see documentary that gives you a new appreciation for the Stones music.

One of the musicians that Keith plays with in this movie is Tom Waits. I wasn’t to familiar with Tom’s music, mostly what I knew him for was his portrayal of Reinfield in Bram Stroker’s Dracula back in 1992. I decided I had to listen to some of his stuff and thought it was great.

Tom Waits may not have had much commercial success but he has had a pretty good career acting wise and musically. A lot of other musicians have called him an inspiration and both The Eagles and Bruce Springsteen have covered his music. Personally I like his raspy voice and how his music is a good mix of jazz, blues and rock.

When you listen to him sing he comes across as a master storyteller because a lot of times he is doing spoken word with a musical background. The feeling I get from his stuff is that it would be something you would hear in a speakeasy type night club in the 1930’s. He has also done a lot of soundtrack work for movies and TV shows including The Walking Dead. Do yourself a favor and listen to some of Tom Waits material.




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