Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe


Lord Alexander Harrington is use to getting his own way. He appreciates order in his home and his staff sees that he gets it. Everything changes though when a young girl shows up on his plantation  doorstep with no memory of who she is. Lord Harrington can’t turn her away and starts to develop feelings for her referring to her as a scared doe.

The mystery is where did she come from? Considering her mental state, she could have come from the mental asylum down the road and while researching this, Lord Harrington finds out about his own family’s history at the asylum which causes him to question everything. On top of that, a fire on his estate and another man showing up claiming to know who the lost doe is, may cause Lord Harrington to lose her forever.

Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe by Emmy Z. Madrigal is a historical romance with a perfect setting. While I do admit that I’m not big on romances, I liked how deep the characters were in this book and the time period that it was set in. Also it was the perfect length, there is a lot of story in this book and it moves along at a quick pace, never giving you a chance to get bored with it.

What stuck out most about this story for me was the historical setting. Set in the 19th century, I got the impression that Emmy Z. Madrigal did her homework. There were some words that I needed to look up the meaning to because they were from a bygone era and the language was different from what I’m use to reading. I also liked how the roles of men and women were different in this period along with what was considered appropriate. For instance there is one scene where Lord Harrington sleeps in a bed with Lily and he worries that he has  tainted her purity.

Another thing that stuck out to me was the references to the asylum. During this period going crazy meant something different from today, an asylum during this period was a horrific place and some people could get thrown in for the simple reason of showing too much grief over someone’s passing. I loved hearing Lord Harrington’s take on the asylum and how it changed him.

I think the main reason people by a romance is because people want a good love story but this book has that and so much more. The supporting characters were just as interesting as the main characters. I like how the maids and butlers show that they know more than the main characters. The fact that the supporting characters were given so much to do made it better and I enjoyed how one of the minor characters was able to solve the mystery in the story.

In Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe, Emmy Z. Madrigal has created a picture perfect romance set in a Bygone era. Reading this book is like staring at a beautiful Victorian painting. You feel like you’ve been transported back in time while witnessing a romance for the ages. In addition to a love story Emmy has given us a great mystery and deep characters you can relate to in a Regency setting that comes to life.



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