There’s Been A Change Of Plans: A Memoir about Divorce, Dating and Delinquents in Mid-Life

theres-been-a-change-of-plansAmy Koko was married for 27 years and had 4 kids. Her life was pretty good but suddenly everything came crashing down around her. Her husband announced that he was having an affair with a younger woman. She tries to save her marriage but it doesn’t work out and Amy’s once happy life starts to fall apart and her future isn’t so bright.  There’s Been A Change Of Plans: A Memoir about Divorce, Dating and Delinquents in Mid-Life by Amy Koko is a book about a woman recreating herself after a devastating divorce.

The reason I was interested in reading this book was because I was close to the same age as Amy  and I liked the idea that this was a book about starting a new life. Reaching middle age, I wanted to see how she was able to recreate herself. The best part of this book is Amy’s honesty, she doesn’t sugarcoat anything, you hear the things in her life that make her sad, but you get to laugh with her also.

In the beginning she comes across as unlikable. She hints that the divorce may have been her fault. I think this is something people go through when blindsided by an affair. She mentions pushing her husband to get married, over the years she didn’t always look her best and she regrets dropping out of college. She also mentions after she found out her husband cheated, she saw all the signs that he was still cheating but overlooked it because she wasn’t sure what to do without him. At this point I felt sorry for her and it got even worse when her husband tells her that the other woman thinks she’s a hag and then she has a revelation at the divorce lawyer’s office that no one cared about her predicament.

While There’s Been A Change Of Plans has it’s share of sad moments, it’s a positive book. Amy manages to come back from the despair of her divorce and you get to be along for the ride as she goes back to school, starts a new career as a writer, finds a new job and starts dating again. This book has a lot of funny stories in it and the funniest one was when Amy goes to a party with a doctor who can’t handle alcohol. When I read this I thought it seemed to unreal, doctors don’t act that way, but it’s still a funny story.  The  part that surprised me most was Amy pointing out that she is not bitter towards her ex-husband, I think most people would be, but Amy puts her life in perspective and points out that she had 4 great kids with him.

There’s Been A Change Of Plans is a rare book, because it’s heartbreaking, funny and hopeful at the same time. People who would get the most out of this book are people who are going through a divorce and are trying to start over. This is also a good book for people who have reached middle age and are looking to recreate themselves. What Amy Koko has done here is show you that when something devastating happens in your life, it’s not the end, you can build yourself a new beginning and laugh while you do it.

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