Dance Diaries 1: What I Wish I Had Known

dance-diaries-1-learning-ballroom-danceWhen you want to start something new it’s hard to know where to begin. For instance If you wanted to learn Ballroom Dancing there are many routes you can go. You can learn it through private lessons, group lessons or maybe even from just watching videos on youtube. This leads to another problem though, how do you find the right instructor?  Or what if you pay a lot of money and decide that it’s not for you?

Luckily like anything in life if you look for answers you will find them and in the case of learning how to ballroom dance The Girl With The Tree Tattoo has the answers. Dance Diaries 1: What I Wish I Had Known breaks down everything you need to know on why you should try ballroom dancing and where to begin. This short book gets into the benefits of dancing such as better posture, improved physical fitness and higher self-esteem. It also covers whether you should take private or group lessons, how to act at a ballroom dance party, finding the right dance partner and much more.

What really drew me to want to read this book was reading up on The Girl With The Tree Tattoo. This is a person who lives and breathes ballroom dancing. She started learning how to dance from taking lessons so she could dance at her wedding and was hooked. From there she took private and group lessons and started to attend dance parties and compete in contests. She has a true passion for dancing and who better to learn dancing from then someone who puts her whole life into it.

This is not just a simple how to book, it goes in-depth on many aspects of ballroom dancing. My favorite part of the book is the chapter on When is Enough, Enough? In this chapter she gets into deciding if you want to dance for fun or do you want to do it as a part of competitions and showcases. She then asks the reader to decide what they want to get out of dancing and what direction they want to go in.  I felt this was an important topic because someone like me would want to get into it for fun and not compete. That’s an important thing to remember when you are choosing what kind of lessons to take.

Dance Diaries is a good introduction to the world of dancing and it’s also a book that can help you find what your passion in life is. The way the author breaks down the fundamentals of choosing why dancing could be right for you can also be applied to other interests such as if you want to get involved in writing, martial arts or whatever else you think your passion might be. Essentially this is a book about not just dancing but finding your passion.

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    1. Thank you for the comment, I will have a review up for book 2 on the 13th plus a guest blog post from her.


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