Michelangelo’s Ghost

30972176Jada Jones is starting to get a reputation as a treasure hunter. She is also a historian and professor at a local University. She isn’t sure she likes her new reputation but it leads to a an invitation from her old mentor Lilith Vine. Lilith once had a good career going once but has fallen on hard times. She may have the key to changing everything in the form of sketchbooks from the 16th century, written in the hand of Lazzaro Allegri, an artist who was Michelangelo’s protegé before moving to India.

Lilith has more evidence pointing to the fact that Allegri may have had a secret art studio in Italy’s Park Of Monsters. Within that studio lies priceless artwork and a connection between Indian art and the Italian Renaissance. when Lilith dies under mysterious circumstances, Jada starts to believe that someone else may be trying to find the lost art treasure.  Now Jada is in a race against time to find the paintings and restore Lilith’s reputation.

Michelangelo’s Ghost by Gigi Pandian reminded me a little of a Dan Brown book but with deeper characters. To be honest I’m not big on mysteries, what got me interested in this book was that it was set in a location that I knew very little about. I had never heard of The Park Of Monsters, this and the idea of a ghost haunting it drew me in. It’s not the main point of the story but it got me wanting to know more. I felt this book got off to a slow start but I liked the characters enough to keep reading and the book gets better as Jada arrives in Italy. From that point, the pace of the story picks up and you start to see a good mix of superstition and history in this mystery.

To me the best part of this book is the historical research that went into it. I love the details given about The Park Of Monsters, the history behind the park and the connections between Indian and Italian art. Michelangelo’s Ghost is as much a historical fiction novel as a mystery and that’s what makes it a good read. My favorite part wasn’t the mystery or the ghost, it was when the professors talked about the history of the area and how exciting it was that their could be an art studio on the grounds. It does work as a good mystery too and fans of the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery will finish this book feeling satisfied.



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