bloodmark-book-1Ashling Boru wasn’t your average werewolf princess. she was able to shift into a wolf from birth while others of her kind were not able to until they were older. She also never received her bloodmark  which is a brand that wolves get at birth when they are initiated into the pack. Her father is the king of their pack and instead of initiating Ashling into his pack he has promised her hand in marriage to a man she doesn’t know.


Ashling defies her father and the ancient laws of the pack and ends up going from Ireland to York Harbor, Maine. When she gets there she meets and falls in love with a rebellious human named Grey Donavan. Ashling is now leading a new life far away from everyone she has known but her wolf packs ancient traditions and secrets come back to haunt her and she has to make a choice between Grey or the path that she was meant to follow.

Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet is the first book in a trilogy and a pretty good YA novel. What drew me to this book was that it got into werewolf mythology and it was partially set in Ireland. I really enjoyed that this book was written from the first person perspective, in the beginning it had the feel of a diary as Ashling talked about her family. Bloodmark has a good story to it, I loved the character of Ashling and I think she is someone who teenage girls can relate to. This is a book that young readers will love.

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