Guest Blog Post: Aurora Whittet

We are all surrounded by inspiration


Aurora Whittet

aurora-whittetI’m often asked where I find my inspiration and I always say everywhere. I see it in my waitress at the café, in the man at the bus station, in the child at the park. I find it in my friends and family. I find it in my dreams. Inspiration is endless if you open your eyes. It can be a word or phrase or even the way a bird mesmerizingly swoops through the sky. A photo you see in your FaceBook feed or a song on the radio.

The Bloodmark Saga is a combination of a few things I’m fascinated with: Mythology, Werewolves, and Ireland. And it all started from a scene in the third book. I knew how it was going to end. I saw Ashling’s face as she screamed those words, and I knew I had to tell her story.

I didn’t know who she was just yet, but I knew who she would become and I wanted to walk with her every step of the way to that moment that she dared to show me. I saw her hair in the wind, the fierceness of her face, and heard the strength in her words. Then I backed up to where her story began and I began my research. Her red hair told me she was Irish, her strength told me she was a wolf and then I dug through gobs of mythology until I found just the right pieces to braid together into the Bloodmark Saga.

So where do you find inspiration . . . you have no further to look then inside yourself.




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