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Hello HorrorAddicts, recently we had the pleasure to interview Cadaveria. They are best described as a Horror Metal band with a blend of Black, Death, and Gothic Metal. How did the band Cadaveria come together? I founded the band with drummer Marçelo Santos in 2001. The band represents a virtual space where we can freely […]

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Safe Place: An Interview With Indie Horror Filmmaker Nick Hunt


Greetings HorrorAddicts.

Recently we had the extreme pleasure to interview indie filmmaker Nick Hunt. Nick Hunt is the writer and director for Safe Place which is going into production in February. If you ever wanted to have a little insight into what goes into getting an indie movie made then check out this interview:

What is Safe Place about?

mv5by2zmztnlntitodk5nc00ytgzltlizdctzmiwyti1ndhizgyzxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjyzodi0mjc-_v1_sy1000_sx1000_al_SAFE PLACE it is about this terrible tragedy that happens to this family man Chris Craven, where he loses his grip on reality and is forced into this life of fear and seclusion, he crosses paths with Lori and her 5 friends and when they find themselves in distress he wants to save them from themselves and the world outside, and will do it by any means necessary, even if it means taking them out of the world, one by one.

Where did the idea for Safe Place come from?


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bloodmoon-book-3In a few short months werewolf Ashling Boru will have to fulfill her prophecy and unite the wolf clans by marrying someone she doesn’t love. Ashling leads a complicated life and it seems to get more complicated all the time. Her guardian has been kidnapped and she keeps finding out new secrets about her pack. To make matters worse a war is looming with the Dvergars, a family of powerful and evil wolves. Can Ashling make the right choices to save her pack and still end up with her true love Grey?

Bloodmoon by Aurora Whittet is the third book in the Bloodmark saga. This book has the most action in the series and the plat seems to move a lot quicker in this one then the last two. Each book has gotten progressively better and the characters come across as more complex in this one. I also enjoyed the spin on werewolf mythology that is present in this book. Bloodmoon and the whole Bloodmark trilogy is something that fans of Twilight and YA fiction in general will love.



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Madame Bey’s: Home to Boxing Legends


Madame Bey was a pioneer as a female business owner, but today not many people know about her. She was born in Turkey in 1881, she was an opera singer, married a Turkish diplomat, migrated to the United States, was friends with President McKinley and his wife, learned seven languages and ran an oriental rug business. Her real claim to fame was running a boxer training camp where seventy-eight boxing hall of famers practiced their sport.

Madame Beys: Home to Boxing Legends by Gene Pantalone is an impressive book. What drew me to it was hearing about this woman who was working in a male dominated sport at a time when women didn’t run businesses. Not only is this a story of a woman who led an extraordinary life, it’s the story of boxing from the turn of the century to the 1940s and of the United States during a very different period.

My only complaint about this book is that it seemed a little dry at times. There are some long descriptions of the countryside where Madame Bey’s camp was. There was also a lot of detail given on how Washington D.C. looked and how everyone dressed. This was all towards the beginning of the book when I was wanting to hear personal stories on Madame Bey and the boxers she worked with. It does get into great stories though and the author’s attention to detail in this book is admirable.  I feel the author was trying to make this book more like a history book then just another sports biography but it works as both.

Madame Bey’s Home to Boxing Legends is a boxing fans dream. It covers boxing when it was the number 1 sport and has biographies and personal stories on several boxers who competed along with fight records and when the fights took place. You can tell this book was a labor of love by someone who loves history and boxing. What I enjoyed the most was hearing about Madame Bey’s compassion towards all the boxers. Some considered them brutes but she looked at them as her boys. She hated seeing them get hurt and never attended a boxing match. I also liked hearing about the work the boxers had to do around Madame Bay’s home in exchange for room, board and a place to workout.

This is a fascinating read on many fronts and you don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy it. It’s also a glimpse of what life and the United States was like from the late 1800’s through the 1940’s. I liked hearing about the 1901 world’s fair and the assassination of President William McKinley along with stories on Max Schmeling and Jack Dempsey.  Madame Bey’s: Home to Boxing Legends is more than just a story of a woman who ran a business in a time when woman weren’t business owners, it is also a history of the United States and boxing during  time when boxing was the height of its popularity. This book is a must have for history buffs.

Esper Files

32493342It was the end of the 19th century, a time of floating air ships and great advances in science. In Victorian London a man known as The Professor is conducting an experiment with electro-magnetic energy at the Oxford Academy of Science. An explosion occurs causing twenty percent of the Earth’s population to acquire strange paranormal abilities.  These people are called Espers, they all have different powers and don’t always use them for good. In order to help Espers control their powers and stop others from abusing theirs, an institute has been set up by The Professor.

Nathan and James, two Espers from the institute have to team up with a young girl named Freya who is just discovering what she is. Their mission is to save Freya’s brother from The evil Barron. His evil plan is to kidnap Espers and create an army of super powered soldiers with the goal of taking over the world.

When I first heard of Esper Files by Egan Brass I thought it sounded like Marvel’s X Men with a different setting. Being a comic fan I couldn’t wait to start reading it. At first I thought it was an ok book but things got interesting when we are introduced to Freya, an orphan girl with ice powers and her younger brother Cyrus who is an autistic boy referred to as The Siren.

The Siren has the ability to manipulate emotions through singing and the only person he talks to is his sister. Freya and Cyrus have gone through a series of foster homes and neither one understands the power they have. Freya and Cyrus have a heartbreaking story and I felt for Freya as you see how protective she is of her brother and how horrible and alone she feels when she uses her powers. My favorite scene was when three harpies and a henchman named Shadow storm the home where Freya and Cyrus live. This was an emotionally charged scene that is horrifying and exciting.  Another great scene  is when Nathan tells her that she is an Esper and she gets upset saying ‘I’m nothing like you freaks.” This scene showed that even the Espers themselves have a hard time accepting that they are different.

There aren’t many books out there with an autistic hero and I loved the way Cyrus is portrayed. At first he doesn’t show much emotion but as the story moves along we see that he is more aware of the world around him then anyone thinks and is also more powerful. This book is a fun ride, my only complaints were that we were introduced to quite a few characters in the Barron’s compound but not many in the Professor’s Institute. At one point I wondered why there weren’t more students training there.

To put it simply if you are a fan of comic books you will love Esper Files. Egan Brass is creating his own superhero mythology in a steampunk setting with unique characters and lots of action. The idea behind it is not an original one but the setting and detail put into the characters makes this a fresh spin on an old idea. There are some  good potential stories in the Esper’s universe and I’m happy to see that a second book coming in January.


Terror Trax: Space Monkey Death Sequence


a0803936020_2         The world of music has changed a lot over the last 30 years. For example its easier for musicians to get their music heard, the computer can now be thought of as a musical instrument and electronic music has become a great way to tell a good story. I got an email from Dominic Francisco asking me to listen to an album be made which was inspired by The Twilight Zone episode People Are Alike All Over.
          Dominic remembered seeing the episode as a 12-year-old and being fascinated with it. As an adult, he saw it again and the effect was not the same, so he decided he wanted to make a piece of music that brought back the feeling of seeing People Are Alike All Over as a 12-year-old. It took Dominic 6 months to work on his album…

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23311450Bloodrealms by Aurora Whittet is the second book in the Bloodmark saga following the story of werewolf princess Ashling Boru. Ashling has just turned eighteen and is a year closer to having to fulfill her prophecy of marrying a man she doesn’t love and uniting two wolfpacks. Ashling has other suitors as well and her father has said that they will all fight in the bloodrealms, an ancient underground fighting world for her hand in marriage. Ashling may be in love with another but what happens in the bloodrealms will change her destiny and the destiny of all werewolves.

Bloodrealms is a book that moves along at a brisk pace and has a little something that all readers can enjoy. Romance, action and interesting plot twists are all here in this story which manages to out do the first installment in the series. This book builds on what happened in the first book and is a good read if you like romance and mythology.




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