23311450Bloodrealms by Aurora Whittet is the second book in the Bloodmark saga following the story of werewolf princess Ashling Boru. Ashling has just turned eighteen and is a year closer to having to fulfill her prophecy of marrying a man she doesn’t love and uniting two wolfpacks. Ashling has other suitors as well and her father has said that they will all fight in the bloodrealms, an ancient underground fighting world for her hand in marriage. Ashling may be in love with another but what happens in the bloodrealms will change her destiny and the destiny of all werewolves.

Bloodrealms is a book that moves along at a brisk pace and has a little something that all readers can enjoy. Romance, action and interesting plot twists are all here in this story which manages to out do the first installment in the series. This book builds on what happened in the first book and is a good read if you like romance and mythology.

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