bloodmoon-book-3In a few short months werewolf Ashling Boru will have to fulfill her prophecy and unite the wolf clans by marrying someone she doesn’t love. Ashling leads a complicated life and it seems to get more complicated all the time. Her guardian has been kidnapped and she keeps finding out new secrets about her pack. To make matters worse a war is looming with the Dvergars, a family of powerful and evil wolves. Can Ashling make the right choices to save her pack and still end up with her true love Grey?

Bloodmoon by Aurora Whittet is the third book in the Bloodmark saga. This book has the most action in the series and the plat seems to move a lot quicker in this one then the last two. Each book has gotten progressively better and the characters come across as more complex in this one. I also enjoyed the spin on werewolf mythology that is present in this book. Bloodmoon and the whole Bloodmark trilogy is something that fans of Twilight and YA fiction in general will love.

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