Rasputin’s Supernatural Dating Service

31426392Witches, vampires, ghosts, trolls, they all may be monsters but just like humans they need love. That’s where Rasputin’s Supernatural Dating Service comes in. The famous mystic Rasputin didn’t die in 1916 like everyone thought. He came to America and decided the best way to keep monsters from eating people was by getting them dates. He now goes by the name “Love Machine” and his biggest problem is weeding out the wannabe monsters that just want to date monsters from the real monsters looking for love.

So he had to hire a team of certifiers, one of them is Eli and he has a gift for figuring out who the real monsters are. While meeting with a client, Eli is given an ancient tablet that has the power to kill all supernatural creatures. Eli soon becomes the target of a powerful witch who wants the tablet to destroy all monsters. It’s up to Eli, the witch’s ex-girlfriend, Rasputin and a supernatural policing Agency to stop  monsters from being exterminated and get back to finding them love.

Rasputin’s Supernatural Dating Service by David D. Hammons is a supernatural comedy that shows monsters in a way that you have never seen them before. From the opening scenes where a woman tries to pass herself off as a vampire and Eli knows she isn’t because vampires are so polite, you know this isn’t your average paranormal romance. We then get into how Eli became an employee of the dating service by not running in terror from screaming ghosts, blood running up a wall and convincing a lizard man he wouldn’t taste good on a pizza.  From the first couple of chapters you know this book is something special and it’s filled with laugh out loud moments.

I loved the character of Rasputin, he’s just a cool guy looking to make the world a better place by getting everyone laid. In Rasputin’s first scene we see him having a hot tub party with a group of United Nations delegates. He then starts a game of kick ball where the winning team gets a seat on the security council. Anything goes here, from a mystic kept alive because love won’t let him die to a troll in a Japanese girl school outfit to a group of orcs who go to a church run by a poisonous snake. The wide variety of monsters and the back story for how monsters exist in a world full of humans is what makes this book so good. I also liked the character of Eli who thinks of himself as nothing special but shows he has a talent for making others happy.

I really liked Rasputin’s Supernatural Dating Service and I hope the author decides to do a lot more in the universe he created. While I felt the story was a little weak, it didn’t really matter. The characters were so good and the book was so funny that it didn’t need a good story, in fact it would have been better without it. I would have liked to have heard more stories about dating monsters from Eli’s point of view and gotten more into Eli’s love life. If anything I felt the monster apocalypse story line took  a little bit away from what is overall a good horror romantic comedy. I’m hoping David D. Hammons next book is just about the love lives of supernatural creatures, because that in itsself is a great story.




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