Grimm Woods

33307092Going to a summer camp that has a theme based on Grimm’s fairy tales may sound like fun, but it’s not. Scott was having a hard time finding a job but that all changed when he was offered a summer job as a camp counselor for kids. Everything at the camp is based on old fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel and others. Seems like it would be an easy and fun job but when counselors start dying in gruesome ways, Scott and the other adults quickly learn that this camp is no fairy tale.

Someone is killing all the counselors and making it look like deaths that take place in Grimm’s Fairy Tales. We’re not talking the sanitized Disney fairy tales, we’re talking about the original stories which were meant to scare kids into being moral. Scott and the other counselors are faced with the challenge of staying alive while being hunted by a fairy tale obsessed psychopath.

Grimm Woods by D. Melhoff has the feel of an old 80’s slasher movie. We have a summer camp where there are teenagers having sex, doing drugs and unbeknownst to them, they’re being stalked by a serial killer. That’s only the beginning though, as the story moves along it gets more complex and the characters become more interesting. What really makes this book stand out ┬áis when it gets into the old fairy tales and you see how different they are compared to the kid friendly ones that most people know. D. Melhoff did his homework on Grimm’s fairy tales and seeing how they fit into the story is what made Grimm Woods different from other slasher stories.

The best part of the story is when all of the kids and counselors are trapped in a building trying to stay away from the killer. One of the counselors finds a big book of original fairy tales and decides to have the kids put on plays based on the stories. While they’re working on the performances they realize that the stories aren’t kid friendly, leading to a gruesome discovery and the realization that the world of fairy tales is a bleak place.

Grimm Woods is a book that has its flaws but is still a fun read. It gets off to a slow start, some of the action sequences didn’t make sense and the story would have been better if it was shorter. That being said, I enjoyed how a few of the characters grew as the story moved along, the villain was downright sadistic and the use of original fairy tales that most people don’t know about, made it all worthwhile. Grimm Woods may not be a great read but it’s an entertaining ride.