Kiss: The Elder, Volume One

Back in 1981 the rock band Kiss released Music From “The Elder” which was a concept album about the recruitment and training of a boy by a council of elders to become a hero in a world that needs one. The album was not successful but some fans loved it and looked at it as something original and different from one America’s greatest rock bands. Since its release there have been some independently produced movies and comics that tell the story of The Elder. In 2017 Dynamyte comics is publishing their version of the story called Kiss: The Elder, Volume One.

Written by Amy Chu and illustrated by Kewber Baal, The Elder Volume One is a beautifully illustrated 154 page graphic novel that tells the story of a world with no sun and no heroes. In order to find out more about their world, four young friends embark on a journey for answers. Together they will find the truth about the Council of Elders and the real history about their underground home, the city of Blackwell.

If you’re a fan of Kiss this is a must have book because of the beautiful art and how Kiss is worked into the story. The writing is excellent, it starts off simple and gets more complex as you read it. I like the idea that the four kids in search of answers discover that their world is not what they thought it was. They then find that they would have been better off not knowing the answers in the first place.  In the beginning you get the feeling that they are in a city ruled by a dictator but as the story moves along, you see that this is not the case. I love it when I can’t predict where a story will go and the ending was a nice surprise. I’m looking forward to volume 2 in this series to see how the universe of The Elder will be expanded.



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