Baku: The Dream Eater

“You killed us Danny, it’s all your fault”

“We thought you loved us and you led us to our death.”

“Nooooo, it’s not true, I loved you I didn’t know I was putting you in danger.”

“You disobeyd us you weren’t supposed to leave the house.”

Danny stared in horror as his parents decomposing bodies came closer. His father’s left arm was nothing but bone but his left arm still looked normal, his clothes were shredded and one leg stuck out of his pants that still had flesh in some places but bone in the others. His mother looked worse, her eyes were hollowed out sockets and she had no teeth but the skin on her face looked perfect and her hair looked as beautiful as Danny remembered it. Her body had the appearance of a walking skeleton but it was hard to tell because she was still immaculately dressed.

The father opened his mouth to speak again and maggots and dirt spilled from his mouth, then he spoke: We’ll be with you always Danny, every night until you die.”

His mother bent down to kiss him, he breath smelled like a mixture of rotting food and decay.

Danny started to scream causing his sister Jenny to come running into the room.

“Again Danny, when is this going to end? Was it the same dream?”

Danny struggling to catch his breath responded. “Yes Mom and Dad were here and they looked like zombies! They blame me for their death! They’re going to haunt me for the rest of my life”

“Danny, Mom and Dad aren’t haunting you. Nightmares come from your imagination. It’s not your fault they died.”

It is my fault, I shouldn’t of snuck out and gone to Steve’s house, If I wouldn’t have they wouldn’t have gotten killed by a drunk driver while they were coming to get me.”

“You wouldn’t have known that was going to happen, now go back to sleep you have school tomorrow and I have to work and if I can’t work then we have to go out and live on the streets, so no more nightmares and no more screaming or I’ll beat the crap out of you, got it. Jenny said with a smile.

Danny laughed a little: “I’ll try but no guarantees, I love you sis.”

“I love you too Danny and things will get better for us.” Jenny said leaving the room

Danny was 12 and his sister Jenny was 19. Six months ago their parents died in a car crash leaving them as orphans. Jenny would have been going off to her second year of college but the crash changed all of that. She had to take care of her brother and luckily thanks to the life insurance settlement,they got to stay in their home. Nothing was the same though, everything in the house made them remember think of their parents and they couldn’t get past the fact that their mom and dad could never come home.

They tried to move forward like life was normal but things weren’t normal and they would never be like they use to. Danny was having the same nightmare night after night . Both kids were in therapy but tit didn’t seem to be doing either one any good. How does any kid get over the death of a parent? But the nightmares had to stop and it was up to Jenny to help her brother.

Jenny started to visit the library for books that might give a hint on stopping nightmares, there were medicines available to stop dreaming but she didn’t want her brother to have to take drugs for it. The next idea was hypnosis but that didn’t appeal to Jenny either. Then while looking through an encyclopedia on nightmares she found the answer she was looking for. Her brother has always been interested in Japanese mythology and according to the book on nightmares there was a Japanese legend called a Baku.

A Baku looks a little like a tapir but with the body of a bear, nose of an elephant, feet of a tiger, tail of an ox, and the eyes of a rhinoceros and horns of a reindeer. The baku can be summoned by saying “Baku-san, come eat my dream” three times. The baku will then eat the nightmare of the person who summoned it, but if the nightmare isn’t terrifying enough, it will then eat the person’s hopes and dreams.

That night Jenny told Danny about the Baku…


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