The Nomad’s Premonition

Eric Martin has had an exciting past but he is trying to leave that behind. He now works as deputy head of a bank’s internal security department but his instincts are telling him that something strange is going on. He notices that there is a nameless user who is predicting profitable trades and making a profit off it. Eric seems to be the only one who notices it and his boss is telling him to just let it go. Eric decides to do a little investigating on his own and believes there is a special software program being used by the trader which was used in the past to create financial instability.

As he goes further down the rabbit hole, he finds that the problem is much more complex than a simple trader with a stolen program. Eric now has a boss he can no longer trust, an ex-lover suddenly appears who seems to be out to harm him and there is a terrorist who is always just out of reach. He does have one ally though in the form of Interpol agent Stephanie Brule but the two of them together may not be enough to stop the chain of events that started when Eric took the job that was too good to be true.

Nomad’s Premonition by Georges Benay is the sequel to Nomad On The Run but the book does work as a stand alone thriller. What I liked about this book is seeing how the characters have changed. We see a lot more of Eric’s boss Alain Lepetit in this one and we see that he’s a man hiding some big secrets. I also liked how different Eric is in this book, in book one he is confident and in this story you see that he is a broken man who hasn’t gotten over what happened to him in Morocco. Now he is just trying to do his job and remembering back to a simpler time when he was happy, but once again he gets caught in a crisis that he wanted no part of. Eric is like an ordinary guy who gets forced to be an action hero.

Every character in Nomad’s Premonition is complex and they all seem to be hiding a secret agenda.  This is not your normal action packed read, there is a lot going on here from the exotic locations to how money and power affect people. There is also a lot of detail put into what its like to be an international banker and all the problems that go with it. I found myself thinking that this book is probably pretty true to life. Where there is massive amounts of wealth, you’re going to have to deal with corruption.  This is a thinking man’s thriller where you get to visit locations and meet people who you never see in everyday life.


David’s Haunted Library: Deadman’s Tome: Monsters Exist

When you were a kid did you think monsters existed? Well they do exist and they’re everywhere, there are too many stories about monsters to think otherwise. The preface for  Deadman’s Tome: Monsters Exist edited by Mr. Deadman and Theresa Braun tells us that . There are 14 tales here about monsters that some believe really exist. I loved all the stories in this collection and couldn’t decide what to focus on since they all fit so well together so I decided to give info on each one:

Master Vermin by Wallace Boothill: The city of Baltimore has some dark places and there is a rat king that rules the night. I loved the idea of the characters trying to stop a low-income apartment from being destroyed and then finding a more sinister force at work.

Legend Trippers by Theresa Braun: An urban legend about a goatman and a man…

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Guest Blog Post: George Benay

Let The Story Unfold


George Benay

When I do readings or book signings, I’m often asked how do I go about writing my novels. Do I prepare an outline? Are all my characters well-defined before I start writing? How about the plot, is it clear in my mind and well thought out? In short, do I know what I’m going to write about before I start writing my piece?

To all these very important questions I’ve one and only one good answer which I borrowed from a good friend fellow writer. You see, he once told me fiction authors fall into two general categories: the “Plotters” and the “Pantsers.” The Plotters’ answer to all the above questions is a simple “yes”. They spend countless hours, if not months thinking about plots, characters, storyline, setting etc. and when they are done and have carefully researched and documented their thoughts, they start writing the novel. It’s a laborious task and many good authors swear by it.

I like to think that I fit more in the “seat of the pants” writer category. Indeed, for the most part I’m a genuine Pantser. I do start with a very general idea of what the book is going to be all about but a) I don’t document my ideas in great details beforehand and b) I remain totally flexible about the storyline and any other issue concerning the novel as a matter of fact. I let my characters take over and guide me to where they want me to go. I feed off the mood of the moment to mold the plot and storyline. I allow my characters to decide whether they want to play a bigger part in the story or not. I’m afraid to admit it but when I’m totally immersed in my writing, I take dictation from my characters more than create ideas on my own. The best way I can describe my writing process is what some might call it stream of consciousness with a definite purpose to entertain.

So next time you pick up a book try to guess the kind of author who wrote the novel. A useful tip is to look for cliff-hangers at the beginning of the book. Sometimes it’s done to mislead you ( in the murder/ mystery genre for instance), other times to keep you hooked on to the storyline. But the key in most cases is that the author had a game plan in place before hand. A cautionary note, however, this so-called telltale sign does not always work. After all good writers are skillful teasers.

The story in The Nomad’s Premonition came to me in a news article about speed traders. I immediately thought that this subject was a perfect fit for my protagonist Eric Martin, a former investment banker caught in a dead-end job. As soon as I sat down in front of my computer, Eric kept shouting in my ears “I love it, keep writing”. (What a pain I thought he was at the time, but I’m now glad that he pushed me so hard). The other characters just popped in when the story needed them. I had no idea they existed in my mind or anywhere else for that matter. The plot line emerged out of some unfinished business with my first novel in the Nomad series–Nomad on the Run.

The Nomad’s Premonition took almost two years to write and rewrite, and I did not know from day-to-day where I was going with it. I just had to trust my characters and my intuition that something good would come out of it. What one might guess, I’d a premonition that I was on to a great story. But above all, I’d so much fun writing this thriller as a ‘Pantser’.


You can purchase the Nomad’s Premonitions and Nomad on the Run at:

About The Author:
Georges Benay is a former international banker who is now working as a Toronto-based writer and award-winning freelance photographer. He is the author of the Nomad series, including the recently released thriller The Nomad’s Premonition and a collection of short stories. His  award-winning pictures have been featured in several magazines and book covers.
Author Links:
Twitter: @NomadG8

Nomad On The Run

Eric Martin was making a good living as managing director for a major international bank in Toronto. Everything changes as he receives a mysterious job offer from a financial firm in Morocco. Having been born in Morocco and wanting to visit his ancestral home, he decides to meet with firm’s president Jeff Offenbach. He finds out that we are at the beginning of a global financial crisis which this firm may be trying to capitalize on.

Eric now finds himself over his head in a world where no one can be trusted and everyone has their own agenda. From Valarie who seems to be keeping big secrets to  Jeff Offenbach who knows more about the crisis than he’s telling anyone. Eric is up against a dangerous cast of characters all motivated by power and money. Can he build a team of financial wizards to help stop the crisis or will he become a victim to the disaster that is coming?

Nomad On The Run by Georges Benay is a thriller about money, greed and power set in exotic locations. The most interesting part of this book was trying to figure out what everyone’s agenda is. One of my favorite scenes in this book was when Eric was deciding to join Jeff’s firm and does it by remembering how his father became successful. His father didn’t have an education and trusted his instincts to become rich and he tried to teach his son to do the same.  To be like his father Eric has to know how to read people and figure out what makes them tick and it’s not always easy.

This is a big part of what this novel is about, Eric is having to deal with different types of people and decide if he can trust them by listening to his gut feelings. This book is light on action but it makes up for it by having characters with very detailed personalities that all have secrets to hide. Another thing I liked in this book was how Eric chooses the team he works with by trying to find people whose agenda is in sync with his.

Nomad On The Run is the kind of thriller that is meant for intellectuals, because there is a lot to think about.  Some of the financial terminology used and the details on economics went over my head but it added a sense of realism to it. I liked the descriptions of Morocco and its history, the setting truly comes to life and is like a character itself.  This is not your average suspense novel, Georges Benay does not talk down to his audience and he uses his knowledge of being an international banker to bring this book to life. If you want to get away to a different country and experience a different way of life without going anywhere, then give this one a look.

Face The Change

Face The Change by Samantha Bryant is the third book in the menopausal superhero series and gets deeper into the lives of the world’s newest heroes. In the last book we discovered that the menopausal superheroes weren’t the only ones with power. Jessica and Fuerte have joined the department which is now gone public and is being called  the UCU, the unusual cases unit.

Patricia is still on the fence about joining but she does do some contract work with them. Leonel is still having issues with David, Jessica is better at handling her powers and is also in love with a member of the department. As the story goes on we still have the UCU trying to track down Cindy and her father plus a new enemy that is using mind control to take over parts of the city.

The third book in the series is the same as the other two books. The first and second didn’t have an ending and neither does this one. This novel series is a lot like reading a comic series where the main story never ends. Some things get resolved but some stories keep going. The reason I like these books and want to read more is that I enjoy the characters, you don’t normally get superhero stories about women in their late fifties and sixties and the issues they deal with you wouldn’t find in other stories similar to this.

What I enjoyed most about this story is that we learn a little more about how Cindy thinks. Cindy isn’t a bad person, she just puts science before people. I though it was interesting how she was thinking of Patricia as a villain, even though Patricia was trying hard to save Cindy from herself.   Also I liked when Cindy was noticing how her new body felt so much better than her old body and was wondering if she could get her life right this time.

The other character that fascinated me in this book was Helen. She’s a woman who seems to be loosing her mind, is it due to her flame throwing power? Symptoms from menopause? or is she just bipolar with her condition making it worse. Helen is a villain but you feel a lot of sympathy for her, you get the impression that she hasn’t had much good in her life and in her mind her fire power changes that. In the past she felt weak and unimportant, now she has power but she doesn’t use it for good. She is out for revenge against anyone who has ever harmed her.

My main problem in this book was that I was expecting a little more action this time around. The action scenes seemed short and like they were there just because it was expected. Since this superhero trilogy is geared towards a different audience, it doesn’t need a lot of action but I still felt that the two fight scenes towards the end could have been better. My other complaint was that Agatha the psychic should have had a bigger role. It seemed like throwing her in as a villain was just a way to show that the UCU does more that just chase after Cindy, but her story seemed unimportant compared to what else was going on. I would still recommend this series. It’s an original spin on superhero stories and it has a lot of great characters.

Friend or Foe: A Menopausal Superhero Short Story Collection

Friend Or Foe by Samantha Bryant is a collection of 4 short stories that bridges the gaps in the menopausal superhero novel series. In comics they sometimes have story arcs that last several issues but sometimes they will have a one shot between stories. This book is all about giving you little details that you didn’t get in the novels.

The first story set before book 1 is “Intervention” and it goes back in time to when Patricia and Cindy Lu were friends. You could say it’s an orgin story for Cindy as we see what made her decide to be a mad scientist. In this one you feel sympathy for her but in the future you see her as caring more about science and progress than people. The theme here could be that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. You also see Patricia already acting like a hero.

The second story takes place between the first and second novel. Its called “Friend of Foe” and gets into what happened with Cindy and the other characters right after the battle that ended book one. I liked that this story focused on Cindy and her reactions to all the changes that the characters have gone through. I found myself debating if I should feel sympathy for Cindy or not, while she shows that she is working for a greater good, she also shows that she doesn’t mind using people to get to where she wants to be. You also get a good glimpse of the rift that is forming between the other characters.

Story three is “O’ Scaly Night” and it follows Patricia on a Christmas Day adventure. If you want a good and simple superhero story this one fits the bill. This tale gets into what goes on in Patricia’s mind and you get to follow her as she puts her skills to use.  One thing that I took away from this story is that out of all the menopausal superheroes, Patricia has done the best job of accepting who she is and playing the hero role.

The Final story takes place after the third book in the series and is called “The Right Thing.” I don’t want to give any spoilers away on this one because if you haven’t read the three novels in the series you would be lost. What I will say though is that it’s about a damaged friendship and what happens when someone’s former friend needs to be rescued. The main idea is if you’re a hero would you still be willing to help a former friend that you don’t care for anymore? Friend Or Foe is a good read if you are a fan of the menopausal superhero series. The stories are short and give you info that you won’t know from the novels. It also could be a good way to get to know the characters if you are new to the series and don’t mind a few spoilers.

What Is Fearless Reader Radio?

Paula Cappa

Fearless Reader Radio

If you love audio books or just love the art of verbal storytelling, or admired old time radio show s like The Shadow Knows, you might like to know about Fearless Reader Radio. Serialized dramas are still popular and loved at RiverWest Radio   WXRW in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are bringing back the art of old time radio storytelling.  I’m pleased to tell you that they are reading my supernatural novel Night Sea Journey on air. Katie Jesse, host of Fearless Reader Radio,  is quite skilled in dramatic reading and she is performing 1-hour episodes of the full novel, every Wednesday, week by week. The broadcast is also on internet radio for anytime listening at your convenience.

I hope you’ll give Katie Jesse a listen. The first two episodes are already available at the links below.

Night Sea Journey, Episode One:

Night Sea Journey, Episode…

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