Justice League Vol. 4: Endless (Rebirth)

The DC universe has been reborn and The Justice League is back in action. Justice League Vol. 4 (Rebirth) collects issues 20 through 25 of Justice League and is written by Bryan Hitch. There are a few different storylines in this book but the main one focuses on The Flash. With the Justice League dead and Manhattan destroyed the Flash finds himself in a time loop repeating the events that lead to the destruction that he believes he caused. Eventually he gets help from Batman and they are able to solve the mystery as to what happened.

I got this book through Netgalley in exchange for a review and found that it was pretty much what I expected. There is some great art here with some excellent battle scenes and some decent storytelling to tie it together. In particular I liked the two new Green Lanterns and getting into how they feel about the Justice League. My favorite part was towards the end of the book where Batman talks to a villain about the origins of the universe and whether there is a God or not. If you are a fan of the Justice League then you will enjoy this and it will get you in the mood for the movie.



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